In their previous Bathurst location, A Nerd’s World had a window sign in gold leaf. This had to be removed in order to paint the new window sign, so to remove the old sign we used a window scraper. The scrapers we used are anywhere from one inch to five inches in size. Once the gold leaf was removed, we cleaned the window. To complete their new look we went with a vibrant and colorful font. Bright orange lettering and a beautifully deep burgundy for the 3D effect really make the sign stand out. The particular font they used were two different types. One was a basic block type font with a drop shadow and a tiny inner outline, the second was an ode to the old time sign painters, and this font features a small outline around the letters.

The front area of the storefront has two windows on each side and this is where they put their main attraction. A Nerds World decided to also paint more signage on the front door entrance. We painted a storefront sign above their entrance and also stating in bullet point the services they provide. To paint the window letters we used a vinyl stencil, which provided us with fast and very efficient results. The product we used is a MACtac paint masking vinyl. Preparing the vinyl stencil for the sign requires that we cut (using our vinyl cutter) the image backwards – this is due to the fact we must paint the image on the inside of the window.

A traditional sign writer’s paint, 1 Shot, was put to use. It is specially formulated to have excellent coverage, hence the name 1 Shot, it covers in one application. This paint is an oil based paint and has superior adhesion quality. We painted this signage in the winter; it was rather cold and the paint wasn’t drying at a normal rate, so we had to come by in the night for a few days to make up for the time lost in waiting for paint to dry.

The finished result is extremely eye catching. You cannot miss the storefront when you’re traveling down Spadina Rd in any direction north or south, whether on foot on bike or in a car.


A Nerd’s World is a design company based in Toronto, Canada. Chris Hughes is the founder of the company. The design company has been in the business for over ten years, and they offer products that individual clients need. A Nerd’s World is the property of Chris and Grace Hughes. Grace is also a co-founder of the business. Just like the name suggests, the business comprises of nerds who have specialized skills in different areas. Together, they are a couple that can easily tackle any problem that arises in the business. The business has three offices located in Canada to offer better and faster services to their clients.

Specialized Services

Clients can get specialized services from A Nerd’s World. These services are unique to each client, helping them to address a specific area of their business. Some of the services that A Nerd’s World offers include photography, SEO, videography, business logos, graphic design and web development. Clients who wish to have a logo of their business designed can approach the talented team at A Nerd’s World and have their logo created within a record time. Logos help to build the brand of a business, and A Nerd’s World will be ready to provide their clients with quality and artistic logos. SEO is becoming a key tool for the marketing and positioning of business. The design company has expert SEO gurus who will be glad guiding clients through the various steps required to market and ensure that their businesses rank highly among searches.

Web design is another service that A Nerd’s World offers. The design company has several talented web developers who can deliver quality work within the stipulated time. Photo shoots and e-commerce services are some of the other products offered by the design company. Through the amazing talents of the personnel at A Nerd’s World, individuals and businesses can achieve what they desire for their growth.

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is the founder of A Nerd’s World. He is a college dropout who has a knack for business. He co-founded the business with his partner Grace. Together, they have three kids. They have successfully managed to build a strong business brand that helps other businesses to grow. Chris is not new in business. He tried his hand in business at 25 where he started an online t-shirt company. This company grew, and by the third year, he had made his first million. Chris is passionate about photography. Together with Grace, they have a collection of over 300 vintage cameras that line up the walls of their studio. He likes film over digital. Chris has been heavily involved in a campaign to save instant film. Chris is an explorer, and his travels have taken him to many places in the world. Several times, he has endangered his life, like when he was arrested and spent 13 days in a Cuban prison.