This mural was painted inside of the BLND TGER nightclub
559 College St, Toronto, ON

The designs were created around the 30’s and 40’s. Images were appropriated with the BLND TGER logo in the designs. So it looked like the club BLND TGER was a popular destination in these old photographs. The design was unique and gave a certain feel to the club.

We projected the images onto the wall using a Benq digital projector before tracing out the images with a pencil. Then we spent 5-8 hours brushing in the areas and developing the main shapes and form. This mural was quite enjoyable because of how loose you could be, the images allowed for a loose approach. Being loose means you don’t have to stay in the lines, you can go out of the lines with some creativity allowing the mural to be more dynamic and take on a unique character.

Once all the areas were developed as much as needed then we used an airbrush to highlight and further develop the murals.

In some of the features of this design, there were very small details, We used various tools to get the desired look, from small round brushes to paint markers. Paint markers can be helpful for very tedious little multiple lines. You are simply just drawing the detail in with a tool that acts like a pencil, you have a lot of control and can go fast.


BLND TGER is a world class club that gives all clients and social enthusiasts the perfect opportunity for a social experiment while having as much fun as one can master. The club welcomes one and all and is in Little Italy Toronto. There are endless activities and services that you can enjoy from the club on Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays, and Saturday.

The club caters to people of all tastes regarding music. There is a reggae night, a university night for the young people and other special occasions that include guests, hosts, and DJs for all night fun and frenzy. Bottle services at the club are top notch, and all you need to worry about is whether you are having a good time. There is a bottle of the bar option, silver, gold and platinum bottle services.

There, a fully loaded bar is available, an open dance floor and a gaming section that you can also get food from at any time. Every aspect of this club speaks fun and an excellent, unmatched experience. BLND TGER is the best place to go when you want to unwind and have enough fun to kick out all forms of stress from your body.

Events They Offer

There are some events offered at the club that undeniably is amazing provide a grand time. These events include:

  • Daily events

The club has a resident Dj who takes the clients on a reggae party every Wednesday which includes live performances from the guests. On Thursdays, the club holds a college university night that incorporates Hip hop music, R&B, signature drinks and pool table. Friday is the Unleash event, which is the ultimate social dining experience. There is good music, pool tables, classic arcades among many more activities. Saturday is Excess Saturday where the music and drinks are off the charts.

  • Parties

All kinds of parties are hosted at the club, whether it is your bachelor party, a corporate event or even holiday party. The clubs team will take care of all the planning details to ensure that you have a perfect party and have the time of your life at the party.

Little Italy, Toronto

The area is known for its Italian and Canadian businesses and restaurants. Sometimes, it is known as College Street. The area was completely laid out in 1900, and the buildings available were 1900 style buildings. The area boasts of numerous sidewalk cafes, Italian restaurants ice cream parlors.

The Italian walk of fame is in the area and is a major tourist attraction. The names of notable Canadians and Italians are written in star-shaped brass and Granite on the sidewalks. The area is mostly Italian as it is among the first places that Italians settled when they arrived.