CampBrain made some aesthetic improvements to their headquarters by way of hand-painted motivational quotes, logos, and branding.
366 Adelaide Street East #411, Toronto, ON

The owners of this office space contacted us about doing some painted mural graphics in and around their office. The painted graphics ranged from inspirational quotes to small and large graphics.

The surface we were painting was previously painted drywall which is a fairly easy substrate to work on. We worked in the off hours and on the weekend. Most of the office furniture had to be moved around so we could access the walls which is typical during a project of this nature.

Vinyl stencils were used for this project. Vinyl stencils are applied directly on the wall and then are painted, once we’ve painted the required number of coats and the paint has fully dried, we take off the stencil and touch up any areas that might require.

Once we were completed, when you walk in the main entrance a great phrase painted by us is on the wall. It is a call to action when you enter the office area. One larger graphic was painted cleverly in an area on the wall that wasn’t being used, a great use of that space, a silhouette of a man with a canoe is filling a blank wall that was bare. In the kitchen, there are more words of advice high above as you walk out of the kitchen.

Overall this was a fun project to be apart of and it’s always nice to leave a place with a little more character than when we arrived.


Campbrain Company specializes in providing camp software and database services for camps and campers, especially during the summer. The company was established in 1994 with the original idea of creating elegant intuitive and useful software that would inspire camps to use. They incorporate auxiliary programs into single platforms and give branding services to programs according to their clients’ preference. The offer transportation, lunch, sports camps, academic classes, traditional day camps, aftercare and staff discounts. Their reporting systems are flexible and customizable covering all the parent statements, financial summaries, and the weekly roasters. The means of communication is catered for such that campers can easily communicate with their parents through the campbrain email tool. They have bookings; accommodations and resources calendars on their dashboard that can be synchronized automatically to ensure all the resources for camping groups are available.

Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada has brought an exciting world of adventure to billions of youths in Canada for over the 100 years since its establishment. It is a premier youth serving organization comprising of over 100,000 members that give scouts the have to discover new things and experiences and at the same time develop into well rounded and capable people prepared for greater things in future. The programs offered by Scouts Canada make the scouting experience open up the world that provides opportunities for many scouts to find more about themselves and others. Through Scouts Canada, the youth are presented with challenging programs that will build the great sense of self-confidence and optimism in life as well as develop responsibility towards the community. The programs include all age ranges from 5 to 26 years making the participants more energetic, compassionate about life, outgoing and conscientious.

Scouts’ Programs

The youths aged between18 to 26 participate in mountain climbing, white water rafting among other activities that give them chances to practice and acquire new skills while those 14 to 17 are given extreme adventure challenges that require them to take part in short term activities based on adventures. The participants are required to use their creative imaginations and different skills in the shortest time possible to win the challenges. For those aged 5 to 10, they are assigned scoutsabout challenge that features fun-filled activities that are more of challenges but cool at the same time. Through the challenge, they learn different things through structured plays. They also make new friends and participate in outdoor activities, singing competitions and dancing among many fun activities.