Front signage custom painted for Earth Inc an eco-friendly landscaping company.
61 Logan Ave, Toronto ON

Earth Inc undeniable has a creative edge to them, this shows in their choice for a unique and different approach to their brick and mortar front sign. They chose to get the sign hand painted with a straightforward design. The top of the building was painted a dark color and the bottom portion was painted a off white. The bottom portion was around 8 feet high. In the bottom portion is where the earth logo was painted in the darker color. The address was painted in the lighter color in the darker area.

The sign was done using a vinyl stencil application. The placement of the stencil is essential for a good job. The main goal is to have it level. This is done by laying down a tape line. The tape line does not have to be perfectly straight , this tape line is to draw a level line in pencil so to not mark the wall that we are putting the sign on. Once we have the leveled line we can start to place the sign. Before we stick up the vinyl we do a dry run by placing the sign where it’s supposed to go this allows us to fine tune exactly where we want the sign to be.Once we have decided were specifically the sign will be placed. We then use the vinyls straight edge to coincide with the level line we drew. When the vinyl is being cut we always have a level line cut as well.

You can see the sign when you’re travelling in a car down logan ave south, its a one way street, When walking you can see it from both sides of the street. The stencil was created in our studio using our vinyl cutter, that took about 5 hours to create.

This job on site was completed in a day and we used ladders to access the minimal heights that were required. To paint the address number above the door we used our telescoping ladder in the extension configuration. We used Behr exterior paint. The color was matched to the pre existing color that was already painted. To paint in the color we used brush and roller.


Earth Inc. is a company that commits to transforming your home into a place that you can feast your eyes and loves the art that comes from making the landscape of your home. The staffs at Earth Inc. have an eye for design and also comprises of horticultural specialists who know everything about the outdoors and can make the look and feel of your garden amazing.

We commit to beautifying your garden, patio, pool and front porch into mesmerizing designs that no one can match. Make your home welcoming and enviable by enlisting the services of Earth Inc. who speak the same language with landscape designs. Every member of staff is highly qualified and has a great experience with working with various land types.

Earth Inc. values the needs of all clients and therefore values and respects the wishes of our clients. We advise accordingly to ensure that clients get the best service while at the same time providing services that suit the customer’s style. We help customers choose what they would love to come home to every evening after a long working day. At Earth Inc., architecture and horticulture are put together to create beauty that is magical.


Over the years, Earth Inc. has defined its place in the industry and has bagged several awards for the great work that they are doing in making porches and front yards places of beauty and art. Extensive planning, plotting and designing is done to ensure that the visions conceived are attained and even surpass the expectations.

Earth Inc. is ready to transform anything into a work of art that is beautiful to behold. It takes skills, dedication, and experience which the staff at Earth Inc. have mastered and grown into with time. All the departments in the company work together to realize one dream which is beautified landscapes as our way of bringing good in the world.

In 2012, the team at Earth Inc. received a silver award for the best booth design. In 2013, Earth Inc. celebrate 15 years of design by having the logo redesigned into the now blend of a red hue and white text on it. The color choice draws inspiration from a plant known as the Indian paint brush or its scientific name Castilleja.

Earth Inc has received many awards among them the coveted Casey van Maris award that recognized our unique and innovative design. Every year we attend as many shows as possible to help get a better understanding of other forms of design and showcase our work to the world.