Home furnishing store / warehouse
4205 Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7L 2A4

Heritage contacted us about an artistic exterior mural for the back of their large warehouse store. In the back of the warehouse building the customer comes there and pick up their furniture through large garage doors, also a GO train line is runs parallel to the rear of the building. This mural is highly visible to commuters as they travel to and from work, plus the neighbors in the area that travel by the train know that their is a great furniture store near by. Heritage Lifestyle needed a design and asked us to source one. MuralForm submitted a few designs and then narrowed it down to the right designer – the designer we used for this project was Patrick Sayers.

His style was an excellent choice for this project, his simple and graphic style was the perfect fit to engage the public with this mural. There were large areas of bright color that all had a variations of texture on them. This added a unique and attractive depth to the design.

While painting the mural we used a unique approach to create the different areas of texture by using “sea sponge” and “faux rollers”. There were many areas that we gave a different textured pattern, creating a subtle additional layer to the mural. To add an element of excitement to these areas, we mixed our base color with brighter and darker shades then applied that mixed color over the previous color. Using a variety of pressures while applying the paint allows for a variety of effects. Another example of techniques we employed while painting the mural are the pinstripes of the man in the suit, meticulously painted creating a dazzling effect. A rewarding challenge was painting the long curves of the woman’s legs. These beautiful “S” curves have such a strong elegance to them. With the correct amount of curves and elegance, the woman’s figure is strikingly feminine.

Once the primary artistic areas of the mural were finished, we moved onto to paint the lettering. Using a vinyl stencil application, we painted the name and website. This method adds a few extra steps when compared with painting basic lettering. This is particularly evident when considering the drop shadow present on the letters.

We used an all terrain scissor lift to access the full height of the wall. This was rented from our lift supplier, who supplies us with a plethora of scissor lift and boom lifts allowing us to reach amazing heights. The paint used was Benjamin Moore ben exterior soft gloss, the soft gloss adds more durability to the paint and thus will stand the test of time. We bought the paint from our long-time supplier and friends, Primetime Paint & Paper.


Class meets refinement at Heritage Lifestyle. Many clients associate the Heritage Lifestyle brand with products that meet their home needs. For over three decades, Heritage Lifestyle Home Furnishings has been the preferred choice by many clients across Burlington, Ontario. They offer excellent home pieces that exude an air of elegance such as contemporary furniture and traditional furnishings. Their story started in 1977 when the company started operating. Since then, they have been offering unique products at very fair prices.

A Wide Array of Products

Heritage Lifestyle features a wide collection of furniture and furnishings that are ideal for the home and office. When you get into their store, you will have the opportunity to discover products from four main categories. These are eat, live, sleep and work. Under the eat category, the store has excellent products for the living and dining rooms. Here, you will find hand-crafted products made from different authentic materials. Some of these include chairs, tables, dining sets, cabinets, and accessories. Heritage Lifestyle products are unique in the market because of the crafting of these pieces. At a glance, clients will see that the store spared no effort in making the products stand out from others in the market. The craftsmanship is fabulous, with maximum attention to detail. Indeed, the materials that the company uses to make these products further enhance their superior quality. The store uses materials like acacia wood, solid wormy maple, reclaimed teak and cast iron for their living room products.

Under the sleep category, Heritage Lifestyle has bedroom products. Clients can purchase them as a collection. Buyers can purchase items like drawers, beds and other accessories. The products in this category aim to give buyers comfort and style. Each piece is uniquely styled, and there is not one product that looks the same as another.  Under the live category, the store has products like sofas, chaise lounges, and coffee tables. One can also purchase accessories like antique buckets that add glamor to a living room. For those who would like to get authentic products for their workplaces, the work category has all that they need. This category features pieces like bookcases, desks and antique accessories that add some flair to your workspace.

Excellent Styles

At Heritage Lifestyle, buyers get to experience modern and traditional home furnishing styles. The store carefully selects the materials that they use to make their pieces. From solid acacia wood, cast iron, leather, and rosewood, the store ensures that clients buy products that will last for a long time. The finish is also quite exemplary. Wood products with a rough finish help to create a traditional theme. The antique accessories like vases and buckets help to transport clients back into time.

Heritage Lifestyle has its store in Burlington. It is a unique town in Ontario, Canada. The Spencer Smith Park is a famous destination in Burlington, and the movie X Men (2000) has scenes from this park.