This mural, showcasing Ghandi, was a painted inside of a Toronto area Hot Bikram Yoga studio.

This mural was commissioned by a yoga studio in Barrie, Ontario. Their idea was to have a mural right when you walk into the place of business. You can also see the mural from the street and when you are walking up to the studio. This was a great design it has a Gandhi portrait on the left side of the wall, it is in a grey scale and on the right to contrast the Gandhi there are bright bands of color. A great juxtaposition in more than one way, firstly the colour, the grey scale of Gandhi then all the color spreading out from Gandhi. The second form of contrast is the soft subtle edges of the way Gandhi is painted in contrast to the stripes and hard edges of the colorful graphic images.

Gandhi portrait was projected using a digital projector, then traced onto the wall with a pencil. The flower, rays, and mandala were also projected and traced. The Gandhi was painted using spray paint, the rays were taped off then spray painted to create a gradation effect. The rest of the intricate flowers designs were created using many various tools, Our first tool was the basic paintbrush and the second was paint markers. Sometimes the intricacy of the design proved to be too cumbersome for the paintbrush so we also used paint markers. The paint markers that we used are able to add your own color of paint to them. We respect the traditional way of creating murals and sign but we also try to learn what advantages are out there and see if they are helpful.


Born from a love of yoga and the potential it has to change lives, Bikram Yoga Barrie continues to elevate the world by helping people reach their full potential through providing safe space, the right yoga classes, teachers, resources and experiences, leaving a culture of possibility, community, connection, leadership, goal setting and being real. Bikram Yoga Barrie is an amazing Hot Yoga studio located downtown Barrie, Ontario. It was founded in 2012 by Meghan Huehn.

Initial classes were strictly traditional hot yoga, which is an exciting and therapeutic practice that they will always offer. Through feedback from enthusiastic yoga practitioners and careful research, they have expanded to offer classes in Vinyasa Yoga (flow), Yin Yoga (deep stretching), Barre/Pilates (strengthening), a signature Mash Up class and special programs for kids, teens and moms to be. Their facilities and vibe are world class, the best and unmatched yoga experience you’ll ever have!

Bikram yoga, commonly known as hot yoga, is a perfect way to transform your life, improve your health, increase fitness, recover from injuries and sweat your way to an exquisite beauty. Expect a powerful, exciting, effective and challenging yoga class done in a heated room at 40oC and 40% humidity. You will therefore need a good hydration before attending this class. The 26 posture sequence is perfect for beginners, each posture stretches and strengthens the muscles needed for the next move. This class will also stimulate the organs and vessels of the body to help circulate fresh oxygenated blood around the body, helping restore all systems to a healthy working order.

Due to the intense perspiration during the class, Bikram Yoga has a cosmetic effect on its practitioners. The sweating automatically detoxifies the body by flushing out all harmful toxins. The 26 postures are selected in such a way that they stretch, compress and limber up all the muscles, joints and organs resulting to well-toned and smashing body.

As they say, beauty is skin deep. Through perspiration and removal of toxins, Bikram Yoga gives your skin a smooth, supple and glowing look that no other wash could. Bikram Yoga is an anti-ageing agent as well which keeps the body looking young and healthy. It keeps the body full of vitality, even at old age. The Yoga never grows old!

Besides stunning beauty and looks, Bikram Yoga also comes with immense health benefits for the students. It is an excellent weight loss mechanism because the digestive system and metabolism is improved, giving one a normal appetite and reducing unhealthy cravings. Excess fat is burnt, around 500 to 1000 calories a session, as you develop great muscle tone and strength. A combination of the heat and the moving, extending and twisting of joints can alleviate arthritis. A number of practitioners experience arthritis relief after a few classes of Bikram Yoga. With prior consultation with a doctor, regular Bikram Yoga can be adopted to stabilize high blood pressure, which is more interesting as compared to the unpleasant blood pressure medication. Bikram has also helped some people with a number of back problems including back pain, stiff necks and herniated disks. The Yoga works on the spine in various directions, resulting to a healthy spine and a healthier nervous system.

All these cosmetic and health benefits can be realized through hot yoga classes at Bikram Yoga Barrie as you enjoy the beautifully designed space with warm, welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable teachers.