This iPad mural was hand painted in downtown Toronto on Adelaide Street. It showcased the creative possibilities of Apple’s recent iPad offering.
254 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON

This mural was done for the iPad. This campaign was centered around the ability to draw and paint with the iPad. The surface of the wall is not very conducive to painting a mural on it. The whole surface has tiny little bumps on it.

The wall has a great vantage point when traveling east on Adelaide, it is right in front of a fire hall. This gives the wall no obstruction for the public to see. A great location for an ad.

To project we have to be very far away from the wall. Luckily for us because of the fire hall and the large driveway area we had nothing in our way to prevent us from projecting at the desired distance needed. We have very long cords, for this job we have to use to 100-foot cords the first cord is completely used and the second has a bit of room to spare so the distance is around 150 feet. For the outline of the projection, we used water-based paint markers. These markers are an alternative to pencils. One of the problems with pencils is they are harder to see when you are drawing in your projection and could potentially wash off.

For the painting of this, we used spray paint. After you have the outlines in you then paint the areas in with color and have a reference to you at all times to check if you’re doing it right. It is best to laminate or has your reference cover with plastic. Sometime the paint will get a reference and then ruin it.


Do you have a bout of creativity that you are yet to tap into? Allow Apple IPad to help you discover your hidden capabilities, nurture and nourish your skills that you become the greatest digital painter of all time. There is just something about apple and trying to encourage people to explore their creativity. Even if you start out poorly, after a while, you get the hang of it, and it becomes easy to do.

The device is a dream come true for artists who quickly master how to use the very precise IPad pencil. With this device and a couple of free apps from the Apple store, you have a career or hobby in digital drawing and painting on the move.

The use of IPads in drawing and painting classes has become widely accepted and now instead of the usual use of charcoal and paint on canvases, you can take your IPad to class and draw on it using the pencil and variety of brushes available that add welcome effects to your work.

Just like using a creative suite software, IPad drawings utilize layers in such a way that when you want to change the first thing you did, you do not lose all your work, simply click on that layer and make the changes.

IPads have a great display and a large enough screen that does not require squinting to see clearly or scribbling unfathomable symbols due to lack of space. It is a canvas on its own with enough room to complete a painting or drawing.

The other most notable feature of the IPad when it comes to painting and drawing is Colour drop which is quite easy to use, select the colour of preference and drag it onto the screen where it will extend to the borders that you have outlined.

If you give digital painting a fair try and still find it’s not for you, do not be discouraged. With your IPad, you can take a picture and transform it into a painting through an addition of colour and other effects. It not only caters to artistic creative but also challenges you to explore other creative avenues.

IPad watercolour mural

Adelaide Street, Toronto is the home of the very eye-catching and expressive IPad watercolour painting. At one time featuring a painting depicts the artistic capabilities of the device, the broad range of colours, effects, and brushes that are all at your disposal.

The mural depicts a digital painting that is uniquely done and encompasses the possibilities and the extent to which digital art reaches. It is creative, evocative and precise to say the least. Apple has found a way of inviting everyone to get painting and drawing without necessarily soiling their hands with charcoal and paints.

Practice makes perfect, the extensive storage space on this device allows you to try many times, save and store your drawings and paintings so that you can clearly see the progress and enjoy a new step in technology that involves digital drawing.