Faux painted building exterior & custom restaurant signage
1011 The Queensway, Etobicoke ON

Kelseys was experimenting with some new branding. The concept is old faded ghost sign look, the approach was to make it feel like the establishment had been there for years and the first time it was painted was years ago. A design team and Kelseys management sought us out for the project. The design team wanted just the right feel and felt the need to take the time to fully explain what they had in mind so we met with them a few times to go over exactly what they needed. Our team did many test samples to show to their design team, tweaking it until it was just what they wanted. Our main focus on the tests was to get the right feel of the painted brick and perfect the faux painting technique required to produce the distressed brick effect.

We used Benjamin Moore brand paint, there were many layers of paintings that we needed to do in order to achieve the desired look. We painted a few coats of white until a worn and faded look is created. When painting the white top coat we layered it very softly so it was nowhere near full opacity. That’s why we needed many various coats. The tools we used to paint on the white distressed look was a variety of different tools. We used a standard paint roller, mini-roller, and various kinds of paint brushes.

This was also the case for the signage too. All around the building they painted signage. Some had the Kelseys name and some was a unique saying to inspire a good mood. For the distressed signs, we employed the same method as the distressed painted brick look, many light layers to build up to the desired effect.

For some of the signage, we used vinyl stencils and some of the signage we projected it. The signage that we projected was too big for a vinyl stencil.

The interior also had a treatment of the same style of the distressed look plus the distressed signage.

You can see the restaurant from Islington traveling south towards the Queensway and from the Queensway traveling both directions east or west.

For the high areas, we used scaffolding and a Genie boom lift.


It is one of Canada’s original Roadhouse restaurants. One of the finest restaurants, loved by many for its fantastic menu. With passion and efficiency by the staff, diners can indulge in tantalizing eats made from quality ingredients. With overwhelming favorites like double-stacked burgers, fresh fries, mouth-watering chicken wings which have been on for 30 years and the sumptuous two-handed sandwiches. Others Kelsey signature appetizers include: Rueben Spring Rolls, Crispy Calamari, won Ton Nachos and the four cheese spinach dip. Along with this comes delicious beverages to accompany your meal. Your little ones will not stay hungry because like every other Kelsey, there is a kids menu.

It also offers to ensure that their clients celebrate special days in style e.g. For Valentine’s day; they prepare a limited menu, specially made for two to dine for a certain subsidized price.

Dining experience

Just like other Kelsey’s restaurants, it is designed uniquely where the dining section divides into two. The first area had tables and booths and decorated with the history of Kelsey’s giving customers a glimpse of how far this the restaurant has come. The second area is a lounge which mostly has large table tops and seats.  Diners can order a variety of drinks usually displayed on a menu.

Renovation and Rebranding

Like many other Kelsey’s restaurants, it has been undergoing some refurbishing with an aim to change the restaurant design that hopes to focus on a newer style of dining experience to make it more lively and exciting. The restaurant’s old slogan has been changed to “Ambitiously hardworking and socially unpredictable.” Colors have changed to something more interesting and different. A new and upgraded bar menu has been into place outlining a selection of the favorites items found in the other world Locations. It offers new customers an idea of what to try with the confidence of no possible disappointment. Other areas have the Bar menu that was first at this Kelsey’s. It gives a touch of originality but with a twist by including newer drinks that give it a contemporary feel of a pub rather than bar and grill. The menu model has been designed using neon colors that represent its vibrant location of Etobicoke.

The location

Kelsey’s is located in Etobicoke a suburban district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is an epitome of diversity with its inhabitants hailing from all over the world. They mainly those of the middle class. It has a low density population due to the expansion of industries. It is a beautiful place known for its parks notably, James Gardens along the banks of Humber River, loved and visited for its natural beauty enabled by the flowers, rock garden, streams, and waterfalls. Etobicoke is home to St, George’s Golf and Country Club which in 2007 was ranked top three of the best golf courses in Canada.

The name Etobicoke means “place where the alders grow” from the Mississauga word, wadoopikaang.