Coffee shop mural and sign painting
1187 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario

A very innovative design to be painted for this coffee shop. It was the street map of the area in which the coffee shop is located, Not all the streets were included and the composition of it was augmented to accentuate the dimensions of the wall.

This image was done by first projecting the design on to the wall, then traced out with a pencil. We used an LCD digital projector attached to a laptop computer.We can control and manipulate the image from our computer. For this mural we had to adjust the design to fit the area. Sometimes the design does not quite fit the actual wall space so an adjustment is needed on the spot.

When there were long straight lines in the design a level and or straight edge ruler would be used to draw out the lines, then we tape off the lines so they can be as straight and as precise as possible.

So we weren’t in the way of any construction we painted at night, the place was currently under renovations and was on the brink of opening up. So the daytime hours were filled with construction workers and the staff being trained.

A small logo of their name louie was painted where the milk and cream is served. For this smaller logo we used a stencil. It’s important when peeling off the stencil from the wall. Depending on what type of stencil you are using you could damage the wall. It also important for the previous coat of paint to be properly painted. If for instance the wall was not primed after bare drywall the paint could peel.


Louie coffee shop is located in 1187 King Street West Toronto Canada. The coffee shop was established by two sisters who arguably come from two different worlds. The two had similar goals and different but complementary ideas. Making a perfect team, one could executively pitch an idea, and the other was very good at pulling shots, they came up with LOUIE Craft Coffee. Appreciating the little things in life, the two without a doubt did not mind naming the café after their dog Louie who unfortunately passed on in 2014.  The coffee shop is a very suitable place to finish your work, meet with friends or have some alone time all the while sipping down great coffee or gobbling a well-baked cake of cookie. The staff meets you with a warm smile and makes you feel comfortable. You then place your order, which they listen to the last detail since their foremost duty is to give you exactly what you want.

Coffee beans

Coffee beans are a prime factor to consider for any coffee shop owner. As such, the two ladies sought only the best beans they could find.  After careful research, they settled for Toronto-based Social Coffee and Tea Company. After a sit down with the company’s representative, they found their official suppliers. The internationally recognized company lived up to its reputation as it supplied quality coffee beans to the enthusiastic duo. These beans had been meticulously selected from certain parts of the world. With their highly skilled and experienced personnel, the beans are well roasted until the precise quality is achieved.  However coffee beans quality is just a minor step. Finding a perfect blend was the catch. The two found a blend that can only be bought in their shops shelves- the Ethiopian Yirgcheffe bean blend. Anna, one of the founders, describes this blend as juicy and bright, nutty and complex.

Baked goods

The Louie Craft coffee shop gives you freshly baked foods to go with their quality coffee. They include sweet banana loaves, sea salt chocolate cookies among others. Ingredients composing these foods are selected carefully from the best food suppliers in the city. Without any annoying preservatives, they are made fresh each morning. Their sandwiches sell like hot cakes and are commonly sold out by mid-afternoon.

1187 King Street

This area provides a favorable environment for Louie Craft Coffee. It is a major east-west commercial thoroughfare in Ontario Canada. It is among one of the first streets laid out in the plan of the Town of York.  The population and demographic of the location provides a steady and loyal customer base.