Graphics painted on wall to highlight condo sales posters.

We were contacted by a design team from Mad House. They were tasked with designing the interior of a condo sales office. One of the features was to paint a flowing ribbon design throughout the space whereby a continuity of design would flow throughout the space. Intermingled through the flowing designs were pictures of the condo to be built.

Before we began to paint we had to prep the area to be painted. Primarily we need to protect surrounding areas from overspray. Overspray is self-explanatory, when spraying some paint particles may travel outside of the desired area, painting areas that are not to be painted. To cover the floors we use cardboard paper covering, this material is made to withstand mild traffic and will stand up to the minimal use that we put it through. In certain areas, we had to cover the ceilings. When covering ceilings, the material used cannot be too heavy so we use a medium grade plastic. A trick is used when masking off large areas. If you’re new to the trade people always try to put up the plastic while putting up the tape, in fact, you put the tape up first then tuck in the plastic into the tape.

We used a projector to get the major shapes outlined. This required us to project a few different times because there were four different areas that had a design on it. We then taped off the edge of the negative areas with quarter-inch tape. Then we tape of the quarter-inch tape with wider tape, the wider tape covers more area to mask of any overspray that might occur. The reason we have to use the thin tape first is that the wider tape can not contour to the curves; it will either rip or peel off shortly after being stuck to the surface because of the tension.

After the taping, we are now ready to paint. For this project, our painting tool was an high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer. Basically, it is a larger version of an airbrush. A typical airbrush would be too small for this application. An HVLP is ideal for this task because a very subtle gradation is needed to achieve the desired effect of the design. When painting the ribbons, we used a one-shot approach, if too much paint is applied to any area it is then very hard to fix that one area, you would almost have to start from scratch due to the subtleness of the design. To achieve this effect we do many soft layers and continue to layer on each consecutive layer softer or darker depending on the design. This job took about five days. We worked at night because there was a construction crew there in the day which would make painting too difficult with all the dust and people in our way.


Mad House Inc. has been fulfilling dreams and helping clients realize their visions for their businesses since 2002. Mad House thrives on diversity, teamwork and the need to succeed as well as grow their client’s dreams. The president of Mad House has over three decades of experience in marketing which puts the company at a significant advantage.

Customer satisfaction is the most important duty that Mad House must always fulfill. It’s the main reason why the staff at Mad House is madly talented, creative, diverse and able to see beyond the horizon when it comes to delivering catchy and marketable adverts for clients.

Guided by a clearly stipulated mission, we can form connections with customers that help in understanding the client likes and what is best for the client’s brand. It keeps us steps forward in providing an advertisement that will not only inform but also excite the target audience and make them want to identify with the brand.

Technology is one of Mad House’s best friend as a lot of the design work relies on the latest design software that ensures the end product is grand. We harness all the experience and opportunities that we can grab. This is done by being culturally informed and staying ahead when it comes to marketing techniques.

Mad House ensures that every product that you put out there gains instant popularity which in turn grows your business. It is through undeniably the best designs, timing and coordination that helps clients grab the market for themselves.


Trinity rave towers have put up two huge towers that have a four-story base that extrapolates into the twin towers gracing the skies. The towers have are built in both classical and modern styles that bring out the elegance of the building. These towers encompass a whole community with activities that can be taken up for leisure and spacious suites for all residents.

The towers are conveniently close to transportation means and have been built to accommodate the high rise life of people in the modern times who want the best designs in homes and condos. The suites are costly and worth every penny paid for them as they offer comfort, serenity, and perfection as you stare at the rest of the world from high up.

The Trinity ravine towers are a project that is a celebration of Global Kingdom Ministries 60 years. They are offering a lease for life to clients for the towers.


Global Kingdom Ministries Church is on the main ground of the twin towers and is a huge sponsor of the building. The Global Kingdom Ministries Church welcomes all to worship with them and grow in spiritual faith by attending fellowships at the atrium. Everyone is welcome to worship with open arms and coffee.