Mural to raise awareness for charity
2454 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2H5

The wall on the southwest corner of Yonge St and Roselawn Ave has had a mural on the wall there for a long time now. Before we painted there, the existing mural was a Mars mural. The Mars mural had a sport theme with bikes and skiing. The mural that we painted also has a sport theme, specifically the “Ride to Conquer Cancer”.

The ride team wanted a great way to get the cause out to more people and thought that a public mural would be a great idea. The Yonge and Eglinton location that was picked is a great area for foot traffic and cars. It is the main hub of midtown and this mural can be seen from a long ways down Yonge St. The mural is a landmark for the area and surely has highlighted the cause.

This mural design has many different design elements to it. Ride to conquer cancer hired a design team to create a finished design. We also submitted some designs to the team for them to have some creative points to inspire them. After a few different concepts, the final design was picked.

There was an issue with the logistics of doing the mural. We needed a skyjack to access the height of the wall it is roughly 25 feet high. A major problem was the businesses parking, located directly in front of the wall to be painted. In this bustling section of Toronto, it is of vital importance for a business to have customers able to park during opening hours. Parking in a major city is extremely valuable, this location was no exception. Our best solution was to paint the mural at night. So we started shortly after the business closed and worked till the wee morning hours. We took advantage of this work schedule and finished our work with a nice morning breakfast.

The first task was to prime the wall white. We used an airless sprayer a Titan 540 ix this is an industrial unit that can spray half a gallon a minute. After the priming was done, it was time to now project the design onto the wall. The projection was completed in a full night shift.

To paint the mural we used Benjamin Moore and Behr exterior paint with brushes and spray paint. The spray paint was mainly Montana black spray paint. An HVLP sprayer was also used to paint in the sky. The sky area was a fairly large area of color that is best used to fade and create gradations by using the HVLP. For this job there was 3 main artists and 3 assistants on site working for the duration.


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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Ride to conquer cancer is a transformative ride that will change your life while at the same time fundraising for cancer. This movement aims at eradicating cancer. Through the funds raised, cancer patients in Ontario have received quality cancer care that has seen them conquer cancer.

This movement gives you an excellent opportunity to go on a ride that will transform your life and help you become part of people who have taken action against cancer and have been successful. Since its inception, very important advancements and successes are witnessed which is why the ride to conquer cancer grows stronger and firmer with each passing year.

The ride is over 200 kilometers and takes over two amazing days that are adventure and fun filled for all who participate in the event. You can be a part of the ride to conquer cancer by registering for the event and taking an initiative to unite with many more people to fight and defeat cancer.