We hand-painted the exterior of the Saje Natural Wellness storefront located on Yonge St, and additionally painted the “100% All Natural” seal within the interior of their Queen St store.

2636 Yonge St, Toronto, ON

To paint the sign on Yonge street we used a scissor lift, a very small scissor lift that can fit within a normal sized door. This allows us to not block the pedestrians on the busy sidewalk of Yonge St. We used paint mask vinyl to mask the sign before painting it. One of the tricky parts of this design is that it was cropped by a window and also we had to match an already existing part of the logo. This existing part was printed on the awning before it was installed. It was crucial to place the remaining logo as best as we could to stay in line with the design on the other side of the window. The awning can also make the access to the wall tricky. We had to get the scissor lift as close as possible but not to close to damage the awning.

This sign can be seen from traveling North or South on Yonge St either by driving or walking. The subtle yet bright color of the logo draws attention.

399 Queen St W, Toronto

The other location Saje had us paint was on Queen St W. This mural was painted inside the establishment, a full logo on a slightly decayed brick wall.

The designer was not sure how big she wanted the logo to be on the wall, so to help with this decision we projected the logo on the wall in order to decide how big they wanted it. Once the size was decided we made a vinyl stencil of this logo for the mural. This logo was complicated to get on the wall, many parts of the brick have recessed from decay. After applying the stencil on the wall there were many areas where the brick was not touching the stencil. If we had an area that was just too rough to work with, we would use the stencil to draw on the underlying brick in order to get the logo design on the wall.

This logo is right beside the cashier and it pops when you are purchasing your products.


Saje puts emphasis on natural wellness and work exceptionally hard to ensure that you get natural products that soothe and help you attain your health goals as naturally as possible. All products are 100% natural. Any client who is dissatisfied with the service provided is urged to speak up and a full refund will be given.

Jean and Kate LeBlanc got inspiration in 1992 to provide people with natural wellness products. An accident left Jean with many recurrent health problems that he sought to deal with as naturally as possible. Given his background in chemistry, he started making his first ever natural oils.

Kate, on the other hand, had experience in retail after having helped her mom while growing up. When the two of them joined forces, they became an unstoppable team. The first ever oil blends that Jean made are still available at sage today.

The commitment that Jean and Kate share has seen to the success of the business. Kate is quick on her feet and is great with customer service while Jean ensures that all products are 100% natural. Three decades later, Saje has witnessed undeniable success,

Saje has two stores in different parts that cater to the needs of all clients. They are here to give you a natural experience using natural oils and products for your wellness.

Store 1

The first store is in North Toronto. North Toronto is to the north of the old Northern Toronto District. It was incorporated in 1890 and later annexed in 1912 into the old city of Toronto. The name is still used on occasion to refer to the place but the more common names for the area are Yonge Street and Midtown.

The Yonge street car line extended to the north where it replaced the metropolitan line. In 1954 however, the street car line came to an end, and the Toronto transit subway took its place. The neighborhood is diverse and a fast growing area that is great for business and residing.

Store 2

The second store is along Queen Street West which is the baseline for the east-west avenues of Toronto. Queen West is mainly known for Canadian broadcasting, fashion and arts. It has become an internationally recognized arts center and tourist attraction.

Queen West has had many names since its existence. Its earliest name was Lot Street that stuck for 60 years. The name Queen came about in honor of Queen Victoria. Originally, Queen West comprised of ethnic-based neighborhoods but has since grown and developed to include all ethnicities and businesses.