Highly-visible custom signage painted on demolition vehicle.
280 Commissioner St, Toronto ON

Sean Teperman’s father was an avid fan of a specific red/orange color. Many years ago paint was formulated with different pigments than today, resulting in much more vibrant colours. Sean would say “Listen, you know why I love this color so much? When I was a little boy my father would say ‘Sean look up in the sky’ and the planes at that time would have big spots of this vibrant red.

Sean’s father thought, “If I could see it from that far away then maybe I should use that for my signs.” The Teperman family business had a sign painter for many years, their trusty sign painter had the right mixture of paint to get the exact colour Sean’s father desired.

In the ’90s, the traditional sign painting trade started to lose ground to vinyl and printed signage. For years, the Tepermans would resort to this form of signage. However, the printed versions never quite satisfied Sean, and he yearned for the vibrant color he saw when he was a kid.

Sean saw his chance with the great destroyer, a tall and massive wrecking machine with a great huge arm. This is where he wanted to paint the name Teperman. It is very attractive on such a large machine. The juxtaposition of the paint colour and machine certainly is attention-grabbing. We used a specially formulated fluorescent alkyd paint for this particular job. Good flourescent paints are not easy to find. This job required a good paint to stand up to the wear and tear it will endure. Painting the machine was a tedious process; first we had to prep the machine by sanding, then we primed the area, finally, we painted out the main rectangular box solid black. Now it was time for the stencil, after laying the stencil we had to prime out the black areas to white again for the fluorescent paint. The fluorescent paint needs a solid white background to make sure the paint is vibrant.

And at last, Sean had his vibrant colour back!



Teperman group takes center stage when it comes to demolitions, waste management, scrap metals and any other jobs that you may have. Everything is done with great care and with the best equipment by trained and qualified people to prevent any damages. Teperman takes pleasure in ensuring that all clients get the best service with minimal trouble.

The demolition team is armed to the teeth with all the necessary equipment for a successful demolition beginning with bulldozers to the smallest hammer. The waste management department also has all the necessary tools for transportation and any other materials that may be a health hazard.

Any scrap metal, Teperman group, can quickly take care of it for you so that it is not a safety issue lying around your home or garage. All the activities that Teperman engages in aims at saving clients’ money, time and ensuring their safety and comfort in their homes.


Teperman group is a family business that has been passed down in the family for over five generations now, and each generation has done well to uphold the goals and aims of the company set from its inception. It began as a small business but has over the years evolved into an attractive business that accommodates not only demolitions but has other departments as well.

The company began in Toronto and has been able to conquer more markets by opening offices in four other towns in Canada. Besides being a national company that has had projects throughout Canada, it has been able to expand its reach to outside the country and build a great rapport there.

Tepreman group has dealt with all sorts of clients from a walk in client to corporations and can work at all levels since it has been able to secure all the necessary permits and licenses to operate. Teperman covers industries and hospitals, banks, chemical industries for the transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.

Having started small as around the block company, Teperman has exceedingly grown and continues to grow and cover even greater markets. Conquering a larger market and abiding by its founding mission and vision. Teperman group has become a leading company in its specialty.

What started as a single company focused on a dream of carrying out demolitions has grown to incorporate other businesses that assist in achieving the goals set. That has led Teperman to open new businesses that specialize in individual lines in the same trade like the asbestos removal Ltd that specializes in the removal and disposal of asbestos.