Custom hand-painted restaurant signage for interior of Thai Room Dufferin located on Dufferin St in north Toronto.


Fine dining, elegant dishes, and a great ambiance are what you get when you step into Thai Room-Dufferin. The restaurant is in the North York area of greater Toronto. Thai Room is known for its Thai/Malaysian cuisine. For the lovers of exotic cuisines and gourmet meals, Thai Room is the best choice to try out. The restaurant offers casual dining where clients can sample meals prepared by expert chefs. If you are in a group, Thai Room will readily welcome you for group functions. They have ample sitting space for 52 indoors, and thus, they will treat you to exotic dishes as you transact your business.

The restaurant opens its doors seven days in a week. Thai Room remains open till late hours. Even when you come late from work, or you desire to have a late date, Thai Room will ensure that you eat only the best. The restaurant specializes in Malaysian cuisine and has a full menu dedicated to their specialty. The cooking practices at Thai Room seek inspiration from the traditions of the Malaysian people. The restaurant ensures that the ingredients that they use for their cuisines come from the best locations. Food experts will tell you that food preparation starts right from the ingredients.

A Rich Menu

Thai Room has a comprehensive Malaysian cuisine menu. Customers can choose from main Malaysian cuisine picks like combo, chicken, noodles, rice, beef and seafood. From these main picks, one can proceed to order dishes that have the selected main picks. For example, under seafood, there are dishes like Golden Curry Shrimp, Green Curry Shrimp and Basil Shrimp. The restaurant has a regular and lunch menu, but the lunch menu is for pickup only. Clients have the choice to order online and the restaurant delivers, or they can pick the orders themselves.

Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is famous across the world. Many chefs and food enthusiasts hold Thai cuisine in very high regard. The traditional methods of preparing Thai cuisine ensure that the meals preserve the rich and unique taste that makes the meals famous. The dishes are lightly cooked with spices and have a strong aroma. Perhaps one of the things that make Thai cuisine special is the fusing of several taste senses into a finish that is harmonious. The major taste senses that one can find in Thai cuisine are salty, sweet, spicy, bitter and sour. The ingredients used in Thai cuisine usually have a medicinal effect. Some of the dishes in Thai cuisine include pad Thai, moo nam tok and massaman curry.

Malaysian Cuisine

The traditional cooking methods of Malaysia, coupled with the careful selection of ingredients to prepare the food, contribute to make Malaysian cuisine. Malaysian cuisine is diverse and complex because the cooking methods and the ingredients reflect the many cultures present in Malaysia. Chilli peppers are a common feature in Malaysian cuisine. Other common features of Malaysian cuisine include tofu, coconut and soy sauce. Roti canai, nasi lemak and congee are popular Malaysian cuisine dishes.