Gold painted signage for downtown Toronto hotel
335 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

Beverley Hotel was looking to revamp the vinyl letters on the front of their building. The original vinyl letters were gold and simply said Beverley Hotel, now they were looking to have the sign painted. Many businesses are now having their signs painted as when you choose to have your logo painted it really does convey a greater sense of quality to the customer. We used a product from Modern Masters’ metallic paint line in this project, this company specializes in artistic paints. This paint is of exceptional quality, it shimmers and shines as if it was actually a metallic surface, not to mention it will outperform the vinyl in vibrancy, colour, and longevity.

We used a vinyl stencil for this project, the vinyl used was a type that had a good adhesive because it needed to adhere to a cloth surface. After we applied the vinyl we primed the first coat with a Rustoleum primer. This primer is specially formulated to stick to many different surfaces. Then we did 3 top coats of the metallic paint. It was slightly cooler so we had to wait a little longer between coats. The paint was applied with a small round brush made by Bennett, we chose this brush due to the size of the letters and the need to delicately apply the paint. This project took a full day on site and around 4 hours to cut and prepare the stencil.

A small 4-foot scaffold was used to access the awning, this was ideal for the extremely busy downtown Toronto street of Queen St W. Pedestrians had no trouble maneuvering around the scaffold and our work did not congest the flow of the sidewalk.

You can see the sign from either direction when you are traveling on Queen St W, whether you are traveling east or west, the gold metallic paint is highly visible.


The Beverley is a modern, boutique style hotel. It was launched in 2013 and boasts a free location in one of the most active and dynamic neighborhoods of Toronto, known as Queen West. Usually described as the Art and Design District. This makes it a hub for lovers of the creative sector.

It may be small but is applauded by many of its clients as affordable, cozy and descent. It is amongst other restaurants, bars, shops and public transportation facilities. It allows for a customer to run any errands with ease and gives a broad array of options when it comes to leisure.

It has an attractive slogan stating ‘stay, eat, sleep, repeat’ instantly informing you of what to expect.


The Beverley Hotel commits to meeting the needs of guests with the best possible facilities. It has eighteen rooms and boasts a great restaurant both at the street level and on the roof top patio which offers lunch, dinner and weekend brunch service. It also has additional facilities such as high-speed Wi-Fi free to clients and connects when they get into their rooms. Beverley also provides wheelchair access making it possible for anyone to enjoy their touch.


For anyone seeking a great yet inexpensive experience, the Beverley Hotel makes the perfect place for you. With a 24-hour front desk service; the employees ensure they deliver real value by serving guests in a way that exceeds their expectations. With a beautiful and warm smile, they are always ready to answer your questions, show you direction and guide you through.

The rooms are a site to behold in their neat and tight space by paying attention to detail, quality materials. The white linen invites you to a clean and calm environment to rest.

Food and Drink

For the ultimate Canadian experience, food seals it. Through the well-thought menus, Beverley prepares some of the best cuisines by great chefs using local fresh farm products. The meals are exceptional; you’ll want to come again.

The talented mixologists also leave your taste buds begging for more when you experience the product of their skills. The dining area is beautifully designed to allow anyone whether dining or just relaxing to have a good time.

The location

Beverley Hotel is on Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada popularly known as queens west. A neighborhood best referred to as the center of Canadian arts and design. In twenty-five years, it has become a major tourist attraction due to the art centers available.

It is also the hub for leading broadcasting operations such as Citytv headquarters, MuchMusic and Bell media. Queenswest has been one of biggest shopping destinations with the presence of world renowned shopping complexes for those who love the beautiful stuff.

On the west, this street has a lot of institutional and cultural buildings. This town is so busy that in 2014, it ranked as the second in their compilation of the world 15 hippest neighborhoods in the world.

It was formerly known as Lot Street but eventually renamed in honor of Queen Victoria.

This town aims to keep its uniqueness allowing growth in business while still attracting tourists and remaining as a residential area for its inhabitants.