The Station, a restaurant located in North Bay, Ontario, had us custom paint their logo and signage on the front of their building.
Station Tap House & Steak Co, 603 McIntyre Street East, North Bay, ON

Design Team –

This restaurant hired a designer to concoct imagery for a hand-painted sign to be rendered on the exterior brick wall of this restaurant.  The wall area that they wanted painted was right along a main street with a lot of traffic and was a great decision to have a hand-painted sign there. The sign also really goes along with the northern small town feel.

The design had a distressed look to the logo and was made to look as it has been weathered by the sun and rain over the years, taking a little bit out and yet adding more character each time. The placement of the logo was on a angle and partially cropped by a window, this motion of the angled logo leads your eye to the sign written beside the logo, “Tap House”. It has great curb appeal and turns the opportunity for a nice sign into a great sign. Paisley Park really knocked one out of the park with this design.

We traveled from Toronto and stayed the night in the the town of North Bay. It is nice to get ouf of the city once in a while and this was no exception.

We came prepared with our vinyl stencils, which we made back in our studio in Toronto. We laid out the stencils on the exterior wall. One part of the job where we had to measure twice so to speak was where the logo was cropped by the window. This crop made the eye think that the over all sign placement was not level. So we used levels and large right angles to make sure that in fact it was straight. After we made sure all the layout was correct it was time to paint in the distressed sign.

When painting in a distressed sign you have to be careful not to paint too much or else it wont looked stressed. If too much paint is applied it will look too new, so actually rendering the look of the distressed sign takes a lot of skill and technique. Laying subtle layers of paint down and sporadically applying the paint is critical. A rag was also used to create a blotchy feel. We also sanded parts of the mural sign, some areas back down to the brick after we had completed to really add the right feel to this sign.

In the end, we’re proud to have been apart of this project, the sign looks fabulous.


Located on 603 McIntyre Street East North Bay, ON, Station Tap House and Steak Co. is a place that gives you the best hang out and dining or drinking time. Founded on the sole principal to raise people’s spirits, as they say, it is where you “land softly, eat well and speak easy’. Station Tap House and Steak co. are determined to offer sincere hospitality to not only guests but also its employees. All guests and staff contributing to the success of the company are treated with respect and given genuine care. This is plainly evident in everything they do. From the top notch services and high-class menu they have.

Designed by Paisley Park Inc, the interior is creatively created to offer you an ideal environment for relaxing and letting lose. Paisley Park undoubtedly, and in close collaboration with the owners of the place, established a beautiful place detailed to make guests feel comfortable.

Tap House

The tap house is considered an ‘urban cool’- a place where you get to enjoy yourself to the fullest. The taps available in the house were carefully picked by professionals to fit an international menu. This menu is 16 taps and spirits are focused on accommodating everyone’s tastes and preferences. Even more interestingly convenient, the Tap House is open to the casual dinner but with some flair. Aside from this features, the Tap house also has a casual pub style menu with a diverse selection of drinks. This place has all it takes to quench your thirst.

Steak Co.

Dining at steak co gives you a dining experience you will never forget. Customers from this place argue that very few other things can be as satisfying as a piece of tender, appetizing steak. Moreover, steak co acknowledges diversity. Therefore, guests with a tooth for seafood, chicken, lamb and pasta are welcomed. Not only will you eat a well-cooked meal of your choice but also be given the wine that perfectly goes with it. Pairings are professionally created from seasonal ambiances, old, new and the best there is in Ontario. The menu caters for all ages and tastes including children. Therefore a family meal wouldn’t be a bad thing.


Station Tap House and Steak Co. plays a very important role in satisfying the needs of North Bay’s population by the day. The city has a metro population of roughly 64 thousand hence providing a stable customer base. Due to their quality services, food and drinks, the company enjoys a ‘tell a friend’ type of free marketing from their satisfied customers. It has gained a very good reputation for itself.