Located on Bloor a block east of Bathurst, this sign was hand painted on the side of the Yogurty’s FroYo building.
527 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON

Froyo was opening up a new location on Bloor near Bathurst. This is just north of the large high school “Central technical school”. The froyo team was smart to have something hand painted on the side of their building. The area is considered a cultural hotspot for the latest trends. The wall faces the westbound traffic on Bloor, a great wall for something fun and colorful. This area also has plenty of young kids and teenagers around from the high school nearby plus the hipsters tend to gravitate to this neighborhood. The area can be a hotbed of foot traffic from old to young.

The design was very colorful, this will grab your attention if you’re driving or walking by. There is a cherry in the middle of the first O in Froyo, this cherry is painted in a realistic manner and is complementary to the graphic nature of the rest of the sign. Parts of the letters are transparent and appear to be overlapping some letters. With a drop shadow on a few choice spheres, this sign pops off the wall.

We projected the image with a digital projector. This was tricky because the alleyway was not that wide and our projector screen throw distance could not project the whole image at once. So we had to project the image in three to four different stages and being on a scissor lift added to the challenge. To do all the different projections we measure out the wall and make the projection the same size as the section of the wall we were trying to project onto.

To paint the main letters we used paint brush and painted it in freehand. For some of the transparent areas we used a glaze medium.


Ranked among the top sinfully delicious treats man has had the pleasure of tasting, introducing frozen yogurt. Who other than Yogurty’s to bring the best possible frozen yogurt globally. With over two decades of experience, Yogurty’s have brought the people of Canada delicious frozen yogurt with a variety of toppings that will leave you asking for more. Just to make the experience as personal and about our customers as possible, Yogurty’s operates self-serve stores. It is up to the customer to choose what they want, how they want it and at their preferred quantity. This property makes it impossible for any two customers of Yogurty’s to have the same frozen yogurt experience.

Yogurty’s has over 80 different flavors of frozen yogurt. Each and every one of the yogurt flavors is made from the finest, creamiest Canadian milk. Another addition to the customer selection process makes it possible for one to select either low-fat or no-fat yogurt, kosher or also gluten-free varieties. All Yogurty’s yogurts are calorie-friendly. This makes it possible for any customer to treat themselves with a healthy portion of yogurt without any adverse risks, each and every frozen yogurt in a creative way. There is no limit to the number of toppings one can add. Each customer is encouraged to make each serving of frozen yogurt as unique as they are. When all is said and done, every customer proceeds to weigh their cup of frozen yogurt and pays the owed amount.

South Annex

South Annex is a beautiful Toronto neighborhood located close to the University of Toronto. Being is such proximity to the University of Toronto colors the downtown neighborhood of South Annex with such vibrancy and excitement. South Annex provides accommodation for most of the student body and administration of the University of Toronto. Most of the population of South Annex is comprise of the vibrant university students and young urban professionals. This mixture of youth has touched the homes of South Annex leading to the revival of the old homes in the area through renovations. This constructive collaboration has led to revitalizing the old Toronto neighborhood.

About Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt, also known as Froyo, is a desert made of yogurt, and sometimes other dairy products. It is low fat as it is made using milk and not cream. It varies from ice cream in that it is more tart, which means it is much thicker and viscous than ice cream. Frozen yogurt may contain various live cultures that assist in the process of yogurt preparation. These live cultures are not harmful to the human body in any way. Frozen yogurt can be accompanied by various toppings of the consumer’s choice. These toppings can include different types of candies, chocolates, or fruits.