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North York Sign Painters

MuralForm can create a custom sign for your North York business. If you want to impress customers and build your brand with a custom sign our design team can create unique and personalized custom signage for your business. We have a top notch design team consisting of professionals who have decades of experience in art, design, contracting, and other areas. Together our team will handle the creation and installation of any size custom size. Even creating amazing wall mural art to promote your business and get your building noticed.

Do you have an idea for your custom sign in mind already? Our design team can take your ideas and use them as the basis for a custom sign that will fit your building and look great once it’s installed. But if you don’t have a design in mind, don’t worry. We will be happy to work with you to create unique artwork and designs that will make your business look great and help you build your own unique brand. Call us today to talk with our design team and get an estimate for custom business sign in North York. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

We paint your custom sign; any size, in any location.


A great design is the basis for a great looking sign. Our design team will be happy to work with an existing design if you have a design already in mind. They can update your current sign or give your design a little polish to make it look more modern and updated. They can also incorporate new information like a website into your existing sign. Or, if you’re ready for a whole new look they can create a unique sign for your business from scratch. Our artists are experts at providing a seamless piece of art to make your business sign look fantastic.

Enlarging Images

Design inspiration can come from anywhere. If you have an image that you really want to use in your custom sign our team will take that image and make it look great no matter what size of sign you want. They can enlarge existing imagery and make it fit into a large sign without diminishing the quality of the image. Our team has the best tools and the experience to work with any existing images that you have to customize your North York business sign. They can even use small images like logos in huge signs or wall murals.


Once the basic design of the sign is ready to go our team will get to work planning how to install the sign and make it look great. The contractors and construction experts on the team can work with any type of building. They will identify the best way to secure the sign make sure that it will last once it’s installed. They can also help secure any permits that might be needed and figure out the best time of the day to install the sign so that your customers aren’t inconvenienced by the installation.

Colour Accuracy

Colour is an important part of any sign, and an important part of the image for a business. If you have custom colors that you use in your logo or to represent your business our designers will use that colour and other colours that complement that colour in the sign. We can match any colour and bring it to life in paint. So even if you have a hard to duplicate custom colour in your logo we will be able to find a high quality paint that matches that color to use in the sign for your business.


Safety is a high priority for us. Our installation team has all of the best commercial grade equipment for sign installation in North York. They have the experience and the training to install a sign on any type of building. Even if the sign needs to be installed very high up our team can handle it without a problem. And our team members are fully insured against liability and property damage. They have installed signs on many buildings around North York and can work with things like traffic to make sure that the sign installation is done quickly and efficiently.


Benefits of a North York Sign Painter

Having a custom business sign made may cost more in the short term than using vinyl banners or other temporary advertising methods. But in the long run investing in your business and your brand by getting a custom sign made is going to pay off. Vinyl banners never look good. They can blow and billow in the wind and bad weather which can also cause them to wear out.

A permanent well designed business sign makes your business look more stable and shows the neighborhood that you are invested in that neighborhood and plan to stay. That’s important when you are trying to get the local residents to support your business.

A great unique business sign also makes your building a focal point. Anyone walking or driving by will remember your business because of your unique sign. And that’s an important way to advertise your business. People will associate that sign with your business and the imagery on the sign will help to build brand recognition of your business. A custom business sign is a great way to promote your business and make sure that the community know that your business is going to be around for a long time.

Service Area

Our sign painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following: