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Richmond Hill Sign Painters

The Richmond Hill sign painters from MuralForm provide high-quality custom painted signage.

If you want to upgrade your business sign or get a custom sign made in Richmond Hill, MuralForm can create custom signage for you. We have an expert team of designers, artists, and installation specialists who can create a custom sign for your business that will wow your customers and stay within your budget. We can update your existing signage if it needs improving, or we can work with you to create a brand new design and upgrade your business image.

Our design team is made of fine artists, construction specialists, and digital design experts who have more than 60 years of experience between them. They can create a stunning sign for your Richmond Hill business or they can take an existing design that you have and turn it into an amazing custom sign. You will be thrilled with the work of our exceptional artistic team.

MuralForm has been the leader in custom painted signs and custom murals in the southern Ontario regions for years. Find out why. Call one of our design specialists today for more information about how our team works and how they can help you when it comes to creating and installing custom painted signs.

We paint your custom sign; any size, in any location.


Is it time to give your existing business sign an upgrade? If you’ve had the same sign for your business for several years it’s time to update your sign. A new look will make sure that your sign looks great for the next few years and our designers can update your existing sign with important features like your website information. If you don’t have a business sign or you don’t have a design already that you want to use our design team will work with you to come up with a unique personalized design that will really set your business apart.

Enlarging Images

Many clients have imagery that they want to use in their signs. Maybe you have a logo that you want to use on your sign or a piece of imagery that you feel really represents your business. Our digital design experts can take any images that you already know you want to use and enlarge them so that they look great on a sign or even on a large mural. They can scale your images so that no details or features of the original image are lost when the image is made bigger.


Our construction experts are the best at planning how to create and install your custom business sign in Richmond Hill. They know the local weather and local traffic patterns. They will work around your schedule to make sure that installing the sign doesn’t interrupt your business and doesn’t inconvenience your customers. When it comes to sign installation our team members know how to get the job done right because they take the time to plan out the installation of the sign down to the smallest detail.

Colour Accuracy

Colour is a very important part of sign design and our team is the best when it comes to matching colours. If you have a certain colour palette that you want to use they will make sure those colours are used in the design of your sign. And if you have special colours that you use to represent your business, like the colour of your logo or colours used in your website they can match those colours in paint to make sure that your sign fits with the overall design aesthetic that you have planned for your business.


Safety is always a priority for our Richmond Hill business sign design and installation teams. When our team members are installing your sign they use only the best commercial grade equipment to make sure the job is done right the first time. They have the experience and training to hang a sign on any type of building and make sure that sign will stay put even through the roughest Richmond Hill weather. Also, all of our team members and installation crew members are fully insured against liability and property damage so you won’t have to worry about your building being damaged during the installation of your custom business sign.


Advantages of Hiring Richmond Hill Sign Painters

When it comes to getting the most for your money a custom business sign from MuralForm is the best use of your money. A permanent sign is a better way to advertise your business than using other types of signage like vinyl banners or temporary signs. A well constructed and well designer business sign will make your business stand out so that customer can find you. It also will let the local community know that your business intends to be around for awhile.

Billowy vinyl signs and other temporary signs won’t last through the Richmond Hill weather and they will fade and tear quickly. Instead of having to replace those temporary signs often it’s better to get a well designed custom sign. MuralForm can work with just about any budget so no matter how much you have to spend we can create a unique sign that will help you promote your brand and bring in customers.

Call us today and we will be happy to give you a custom estimate for the design and installation of a business sign that will look great and last for years. The investment is worth it because it will keep your business looking great and help you connect with customers for years to come.

Service Area

Our sign painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following: