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Scarborough Sign Painters

MuralForm is a Scarborough sign painter creating custom signs in Scarborough and throughout the southern Ontario region.

We create custom painted signs and even large murals for businesses that want to get people’s attention and stand out from the crowd. If you need a custom sign in Scarborough our team of artists, designers and contractors can create a unique design for you or work with a design that you already have. Together our talented team has more than 60 years of experience creating custom signage for businesses of all kinds.

If you already have a design in mind, or have a design that you’re using already our staff can update your design and give it a little more polish. And if you don’t have a design already they will work with you to create a personalized sign using colours and images that will convey exactly the message that you want to get across.

If your current business sign just needs a little boost and maybe needs some new information added they can do that as well. Give MuralForm a call today to talk with our design staff about your individual needs for a business sign and we can give you a custom estimate for the sign that you need.

We paint your custom sign; any size, in any location.


A great business sign starts with great design. Our fine artists and digital designers will be happy to create a unique sign for your business based on a design that you already have if you have a design that you’re happy with. Or they can get to work creating a brand new custom sign if you don’t have a design already in mind. With decades of design experience our staff members know what is important when it comes to custom signs and how to make the best impression with a custom sign. Talk with one of our design staff today to learn more about the design process.

Enlarging Images

Quite often businesses come to us for custom signage with existing imagery that they want to use. We know that using a logo, figure or other image may be important for your business. And our team members can take any image that you have an enlarge it so that it will look great in a mural or in a custom sign. Our digital designers know how to properly scale an image to fit into any size sign or mural so that the image will always look great and won’t look out of proportion or pixelated. If you have imagery that you want to use in your sign just let us know.


After the design phase is done our team will move into the planning phase. During this phase our construction experts will take over and they will plan the best way to complete the installation of our sign. They can help with any issues that arise when it comes to mounting the sign or if you’ve chosen a wall mural they can help with the creation of the mural. Our construction team members have decades of experience so they can easily figure out how to mount a sign on any type of building. They will also look at traffic patterns and other factors to figure out when the best time to install the sign is so that there’s very little disruption of your business or disruption in the neighborhood.

Colour Accuracy

The colours that are used in your business sign have a huge impact. We know that you might have colours already associated with your business that you want included in your sign design. We can work with any colour palette and we can custom match any colours that you want to use to represent your business. So if you have a logo colour, or a set of colours that represent your business our team can match them exactly to make sure that your sign represents your business well.


We pay special attention to ensure the safety of all people and property that may be affected by our work. When painting signs, it’s not unusual for us to take up space on sidewalks or in high-traffic areas. This may require us to work during off-hours or acquire specific permits to make certain our work is conducted safely and with the least amount of disruption possible.

All our workers are covered by WSIB and we carry full liability insurance. In addition, our sign painters are all trained in the operation of the lift equipment that we may need to use in some situations.


Advantages of Scarborough Sign Painters

Getting a custom sign for your Scarborough business is a fantastic way to get your business noticed. While the cost of getting a custom sign is a little more than using temporary advertising like vinyl banners the cost is really an investment in advertising your business. Vinyl banners blow about in the Scarborough wind and make it tough for customers to see your business name, address and other information. Customers may even find it difficult to find your business if your only sign is a vinyl banner on the building. With a custom sign your customers will always be able to see your business and your business name.

A custom sign also makes your business look more established. Customers want to do business with companies they know are going to stick around, especially neighborhood businesses. Having a permanent custom sign installed tells the local people in the neighborhood that you are planning on staying in that location and that your business wants to be part of the local community. For more information on the benefits of a custom business sign in Scarborough call us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and get you an estimate for a custom business sign.

Service Area

Our sign painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following: