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Thornhill Sign Painters

The Thornhill sign painters from MuralForm provide high-quality custom signage.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your existing business sign or if you want some new and unique custom signage for your business our talented team will create a painted business sign or wall mural for your business. We have a talented team made up of fine artists, digital design pros, and construction experts. Working together they can design, create and install any size custom business sign from a small outdoor sign to a giant wall mural. If your business needs a little boost a custom sign is a great way to get it.

A high quality business sign is important advertising for a business. A great sign gives a much better overall impression for your business and it reassures the local community that your business is going to stay there for awhile. A good sign also is the best way to build your brand and make sure customers remember your brand identity. If you have been thinking about getting a painted business sign in Thornhill call us today for a free estimate.

We paint your custom sign; any size, in any location.


The most important element of a good business sign is having a cohesive and impressive design that will stand out to customers. That’s why our design team will work closely with you to create a unique design that will showcase your business and impress customers. If you already have a design that you want to use our digital team will be able to create a sign based on the design that you already have. And if you need to have a design created just for your business our experts can do that too. They will work hard to make sure that you get the business sign you want.

Enlarging Images

Do you already have images that you want to be used in the design of your custom Thornhill business sign? Our team can take any images that you have and enlarge them so that they will fit seamlessly into a sign design. It doesn’t matter how small the image is that you have. If you want it included in your sign our designers will make sure that the image is enlarged and looks great before putting it into the design. They will keep working until you are totally happy with the design and with the enlarged images.


Another very important part of the design and installation process is planning. We have construction pros on staff as part of our design team who can look at where your business is located and create a plan for installing your business sign. They will make sure that your sign is installed properly and properly mounted to the building. And they will study the traffic patterns and other elements to make sure that the sign is installed during a time that won’t cause a lot of disruption to your business or the neighborhood.

Colour Accuracy

Colours can be as much a part of a business image as a logo. We know that colour is very important in sign design and we will work with you to be sure that the sign for your business includes the specific colours that you have to have included. If you have specific colours that you use to represent your business we can match those colors in paint and use those colors in your sign. We an match any colour and we have good relationships with many paint manufacturers to make sure that your will get high quality paint in a custom color.


Our construction and installation teams know how important safety is when it comes to installing a business sign or creating a mural. Our teams have the best commercial grade equipment to use when installing a sign. And they are continually trained on the best practices for using that equipment. Our teams will install your sign safely and quickly in any Thornhill location. And they are fully insured with both liability and property damage insurance. We take safety seriously. If you have questions about the installation process please call and talk with one of our team members today.


Why Hire a Thornhill Sign Painter?

There are many benefits to having a business sign made that reflects your business. But one of the biggest benefits is that a custom designed sign will really get customer’s attention and increase their interest in your business. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd these days, and a custom sign is a fabulous way to play up the unique attributes of your business. If your sign is really interesting, clever or unique it may even end up going viral on social media. The news is filled with businesses that have taken off fast after one quirky sign or clever sign got noticed by people and shared on social media.

The more artistic your sign is the more likely it is that your sign will interest customers and people in the local community so much that they will want to take a photo of it and share it on social media. And social media notice can be huge for a business, especially a small business. So call the MuralForm team today and let’s talk about how we can create a business sign for you that will really get your business noticed by customers and locals in the area.

Service Area

Our sign painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following: