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Woodbridge Sign Painters

MuralForm is the leading local company for Woodbridge custom signs or custom painted signs throughout southern Ontario. Our talented design teams are made up of professionals from diverse backgrounds in fine arts, design, digital design, and construction to make sure that our teams can successfully create unique original business signs for businesses and install them safely. If you have been thinking about getting a custom sign made for your business call and talk to one of our design pros today to find out more about the design process and how having a custom painted sign will help your business.

Our design team doesn’t just do custom painted signs. They can also create amazing murals for your business that will get your business noticed in the neighborhood and throughout the city. So whether your need a small custom sign or a gigantic original mural that will fit the side of a building our design pros can create it. With more than 60 years of experience among them they can create any type of sign or mural that your business needs. Call today to find out more or to get a custom estimate for a business sign.

We paint your custom sign; any size, in any location.


If you have a design already in mind for your business sign our design team can help take that design from the page and make it a real sign. They can also give your existing design a little update or a more modern polish if you have used the same design for a long time. If you don’t have a design in mind already they will be happy to work with you to create a unique sign that reflects the business and will get noticed. They can also use any imagery or colours that you want to have used so that your sign is unique in Woodbridge and accurately reflects your business.

Enlarging Images

It’s very common for business owners to have existing imagery that they want to have included in a custom sign. These images can be logos, stock photos, or custom drawn images that fit into the image of the business or represent the business in some way. Our design pros are experts at taking these images and making them large enough to fit into a custom sign design or a mural. They can scale the images to make sure that the images don’t lose any of the quality of the image when they are enlarged.


Planning is a very important part of custom sign design and installation and our team will work hard to make sure that the installation of your sign goes smoothly. Our construction pros can work on any type of building and figure out how to mount your sign securely and quickly. They will also work during off hours if necessary to make sure that your sign is installed with minimum disruption to the customers of your business and to the people in the neighborhood. If you have questions about the installation of your custom sign our construction experts will be happy to answer those questions for you.

Colour Accuracy

Colours are very important in the design of a custom sign. We know that colours that are used to represent your business have to match your logo, promotional materials, and other items because those colours represent your business. At MuralForm we have developed good relationships with leading paint manufacturers so that we can match any color and get custom paint colors created that will make our clients happy. If you have a specific colour paint that you want used in your custom sign we can do it. We can also use colour palettes that will work with that colour to make sure the colours of your sign are exactly what you want.


Safety is vitally important to everyone here at MuralForm. When your custom sign is installed it will be done quickly and efficiently. Our installation teams have the best equipment on the market to make it easy for them to safely install signs even on very tall buildings. The team members practice on the equipment and are trained well in how to safely use the installation equipment. They will also work during off hours if necessary to make sure that your customers aren’t inconvenienced by the installation of your custom sign.


Benefits Of Hiring a Woodbridge Sign Painter

Even though getting a unique custom business sign in Woodbridge costs a little more upfront than using vinyl banners or other temporary signage the cost is well worth it. The cost of a custom sign is really an investment in building your brand. Your business sign is an extension of your brand and it needs to reflect the look and attitude of your business in order to be effective. Vinyl banners look cheap and they are also not very effective. They can blow around or blow down in bad Woodbridge weather. And they need to be replaced often because they are not very sturdy.

A custom painted business sign looks more professional to customers. And it reinforces your brand by using imagery and colours that are associated with your business. A business sign will last for a long time and will look great even through seasons of bad weather. When it comes to promoting your business a custom painted sign is a great investment that will really make your brand and your business stand out from the crowd. Call us today to get a free estimate for a custom business sign and to find out more about the design and installation process.

Service Area

Our sign painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following: