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Sign Painting Toronto

MuralForm proudly offers professional, custom sign painting solutions in Toronto and the southern Ontario region. Our lead sign painter has over 15 years of experience, and our team combined totals over 60 years of hands-on experience with sign and mural painting services.

If you already have a design we are able to render it exactly as you want it, where ever you may want it. Our sign painting artist in Toronto have hand-crafted hundreds of signs.

If you’re not quite sure about your final design, with your input on our sign painting in Toronto, we develop and design a sign for you. Whether you’re looking for a simple contemporary design or imaginative creative flair, we’ll craft a design that meets your needs. With a cross-over to our mural painting services, we are able to take a simple sign and turn it into a true piece of artwork if needed.

As a professional sign painting company in Toronto, we’ve designed and painted restaurant signs, studio signs, promotional signs, storefront signs, office signs, ranging from small mountable plaques to large-scale works of art on preexisting surfaces.

Our multi-talented team is made up of artists specializing in sign painting Toronto with a diverse set of backgrounds versed in many forms of art from classical to contemporary.

Whether you have an image you’d like us to paint or merely an idea you’d like us to expand on we’re here to help. We take pride in being Toronto’s leading team of sign painting artists for hire, and look forward to working with you. Contact our team for outdoor, commercial, and your other sign painting Toronto needs.


We can paint your sign whether you have pre-existing imagery ready for us to enlarge or render or if you aren’t quite sure and would like us to design a sign for you.

When it comes to designing signage for your business, we consider the unique character and existing aesthetics to best complement your space and the final location of the sign. Your idea will unfold delightfully as we work closely with you to ensure that your sign is true to your vision and requirements.

Need a custom sign? Our services cover a variety of hand painted signs. From a restaurant sign to custom storefront signs, give us a call to discuss the possibilities. Our skilled signwriters are incredibly talented and can expand on your idea or enlarge existing design work on virtually any surface.

So, whether you have a vague idea or a highly developed design brief for us to work with, rest assured your final sign will meet and exceed your needs and specifications exactly. Contact us for all your Toronto signage needs.

Enlarging Images

Clients often come to us with imagery they’d like us to paint. Typically, this includes enlarging a photo or image in a specific manner.

There are various techniques for handling this process, and they all depend on the final resting place of the sign and our access to that location. However, be assured that regardless of size or final location, we have all the skills and methods to deliver a highly accurate representation and pride ourselves on delivering these results.

Contact MuralForm for more information or if you have questions about enlarging an image of your sign. We’d love to discuss your project.


Planning the painting of your sign may not always be a big task, but it is nonetheless an important part of the process that cannot be overlooked. Depending on the size and final location of your sign there are a variety of questions that need to be answered, such as:

– What sort of access will we have to paint the sign?
– Does the project require working at off-hours to avoid disrupting your business operations?
– Are there specific resources that we will need to render the sign?
– What will be the best techniques for actually painting your custom signage?

These are just a few of the questions that we drill down into when devising a plan for your sign painting Toronto project.

Colour Accuracy

Colour accuracy is essential when rendering signage. We work with businesses that typically have had their logos professionally designed, which means that close attention was paid to those logos’ colour choices.
We pride ourselves on delivering highly accurate representations of your colours. Throughout our years of painting murals and signs, we have developed (and work with) a myriad of paint retailers across Toronto and Ontario who specialize in producing accurate colours for all our sign painting work. Rest assured that MuralForm will faithfully reproduce your cutting-edge, custom colour.

If you have questions about how we deliver accurate custom paint colours for your project, please give us a call.


We pay special attention to ensure the safety of all people and property that may be affected by our work. When painting signs, it’s not unusual for us to take up space on sidewalks or in high-traffic areas. This may require us to work during off-hours or acquire specific permits to ensure our work is conducted safely and with the least amount of disruption possible.

WSIB covers all our workers, and we carry full liability insurance. Also, our sign painters are all trained in the lift equipment’s operation that we may need to use in some situations.


Why Hire Professional Sign Painters in Toronto?

A business needs signage for many reasons; storefront sign, menu sign, daily special sign, directions to bathrooms, notices of conduct, instructions for service, and more. A business owner can pick up something simple and plain from a big box office supply store, and in most cases, this will do what they intend it to do. The downside is that they’re not taking advantage of the opportunities this signage presents; the chance to make a memorable impression on their customers.

A hand-painted sign can easily be one way to catch your customers’ eye, providing an experience that they remember either in passing or as a result of striking imagery. A custom sign painting in Toronto can be stylized in any manner, so it could be a large logo or a unique artistic piece taking advantage of the existing architecture. In any circumstance, the final result will be a piece of work that helps you to define your business and stand out amongst the clutter of dull plain signs.

Hiring professional sign painters to develop an idea for your signage is a step towards achieving your style and look for your business, whether you need a large-scale storefront sign or a simple bathroom sign. We carry out an idea you have, bringing it into reality, or we can design a solution based upon your existing brand and style.
We paint all custom signs, contact our team for sign painting in Toronto today for a free consultation.

Service Area

Our sign painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following:

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