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Small Business Signs

Small business signs are very important for building a brand and telling customers and clients what the business is all about. For a small business choosing a custom small business sign is a smart way to make the business stand out. Unique custom business signs are attention-getting and allow a small business to create a specialized brand that customers and clients will notice right away.

Custom signs in unique sizes and shapes or using unique materials also send a message to potential customers and clients. Bespoke custom made signs that are hand painted and hand lettered are very much on trend for small businesses right now. The right custom made small business sign will really set your business apart from the others in the area.

We do:

  • Real estate signs
  • Yard signs
  • Safety signs
  • Wooden signs
  • Door signs
  • And more..

Our Design Team

We specialize in creating unique custom small business signs for businesses that want to show off the personality of their business and build their brand. We have a team of the best local fine artists and graphic artists who have the education and years of experience in the industry to work with businesses and help them create the perfect unique business sign to promote their business. Our design team can take images like logos or photos and incorporate them into a unique piece of sign art. They can also match colours and hand letter signs in unique fonts in order to create exactly the look that you want your business sign to have. When it comes to small business signs with a unique twist or an edge our team can deliver custom signs in any shape or size that will make your business stand out.

Why Custom Signs Are The Best Choice

Small businesses often need to watch the bottom line and custom signs are an expense that many small businesses are not sure they want to take on. But, the cost of a custom business sign is an investment that will deliver a huge return. Your small business sign is what draws customers to your business and it’s what people associate with your brand. So it just makes sense to put some money into having a special small business sign that reflects everything you want customers to know about your business because that sign is what customers are going to base their impression of your business on. First impressions count. And custom small business signs are the best way to make a great first impression on clients and customers.


Another reason why custom made business signs are worth the investment is that they will last for a long time, even when they are exposed to the kind of harsh weather that happens here. Vinyl banners and signs have a lower up-front cost but they wear out quickly. They can tear, fade, and rarely make it through the rough winter weather unscathed. So you will have to replace them often and that additional cost adds up fast. When you invest in a custom small business sign that is made and designed by professional artists on durable materials that are going to last you may pay more up front for that custom small business sign but that sign will last for years and ultimately that will save you money. Smart business owners know that it’s better to invest more money up front and get high quality custom made signs that will last instead of choosing cheaper but less durable business signs like vinyl banners or signs.

Designing Small Business Signs

If you have designs in mind for your ideal small business sign our designers will be happy to take your designs and use them as the basis for professional sign designs that can be made in any size or shape to suit your business. But if you don’t have any designs in mind already our design team members will talk to you about your business and the image that you want your business to convey. Then they will get to work and create several sample designs for you to look at so you can choose the design that you like the best for your custom small business sign. And you can choose elements that you want included in the design like fonts, images, and colours. That way you will be sure to get the custom small business sign that will best represent your business and attract clients and customers.


If you have recently decided to rebrand your business or branch out into another niche custom small business signs will help you establish your new brand or take your existing brand into a new niche without losing your existing customers. Our designers can rework your existing signage to reflect the new brand or the new niche that you creating for your business so that the two styles work well together and help promote your new brand image.

We paint custom small business signs of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.