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Storefront & Retail Signs

Storefront and retails signs are still the best way to attract customers and clients that are passing by. Even in the digital age where people often plan out their shopping trips in advance stores and businesses need to have storefront signs. Custom painted signs with unique designs, lettering and shapes are more likely to stand out in the minds of customers and entice customers to stop in even if they weren’t intending on stopping at that store when they left home. Our talented team of fine artists and designers can create the kind of impactful storefront and retail signs that will bring in customers and build your brand recognition.

Signs Still Matter

Customers still respond very positively to signage, especially custom signs that indicate the type of product or service that the business sells. According to a nationwide study that was commissioned just a couple of years ago by Fed Ex more than 50% of small businesses and service providers said that their storefront or retail signs had brought in customers in the previous year. And the more creative and unique the sign is the more likely it is to get the attention of customers. Your hand painted custom signs could even go viral and make your business a destination for customers from all over the country. Having the best and most creative custom hand-painted business signs still matters when it comes to attracting business.

Colour And Brand Recognition

The colour of your custom sign is very important for brand recognition. Studies have shown that consumers do tend to associate certain colours with certain brands so if they see your signs that are painted a custom colour they will start to think of your brand when they see that colour. If you don’t have a custom colour for your business logo our designers can help you choose a colour that will be a great representation of your brand. And if you do have a custom colour that you use in your logo or in other signage that you want to represent your brand we can match any colour and use it in your custom retail and storefront signs.

Storefront And Retail Sign Design Tips

Design experts say that when you are having a custom storefront and retail signs created for your business you should focus on elements like the material of the sign, the finish of the sign, and the message that the sign sends. Vinyl banners and clings might be good for advertising a one-off promotion or a special sale but for a permanent sign, you should always get a custom designed sign in a durable material like metal or wood. A heavy duty sign subconsciously assures customers that your business is going to be around for awhile. The finish of the sign should be durable and able to withstand the climate where you live. Our team will take the weather and climate into consideration when they are designing your signs and make sure that your custom signs will be able to withstand the changing weather in this area including the heavy fall storms and snow in the winter.

Designers also say that you should be very careful to keep the message of the sign simple. The lettering of the sign should be big enough that people can easily read it. But the sign should also have enough contrast that the letters are easy to make out from the street or from a distance away. Our talented and experienced design staff will be happy to help you with the design of a custom sign so that you can create signs that will really catch the attention of customers that are passing by.

Our Team

We employ some of the best fine artists and graphic designers in the area. All of the artists and designers on our teams have the education and experience to create stunning works of art that are going to build your brand and make it easier to make money doing what you love. The members of our team can match custom colours for your business and use exactly the colours that you want to be used in your custom signs. They also can take existing imagery like a logo, a photograph, or any other image that you want to be used on your sign and resize it to fit the exact size and shape of the signs for your storefront or restaurant or other business. Our talented team members will be happy to sit down with you and discuss all of the many options that you have for custom signs.

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