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Custom Teens Room Murals

Wall murals are the perfect way for teens to decorate their rooms without causing a lot of damage to the walls or making the room look awful. Teens want to express themselves and parents want them to express themselves in ways that won’t end up damaging their rooms. A hand-painted custom teens room wall mural will let teens express their unique interests in a sophisticated and more adult way that will keep their walls from becoming damaged with lots of tape and nails.

A teens room wall mural is also a chance to let your teen take the lead when it comes to decorating his or her own room, rather than little kids room ideas they might have something in mind that is more mature. For instance an art mural, graffiti mural, or other similar mural designs. If you let your teen be involved in the creation of a custom wall mural the teen will have the chance to have a piece of art in their room that will reflect their unique taste.

Popular Teens Room Wall Mural Themes

Teens have some great ideas for wall mural themes based on their interests. Video game theme wall murals are very popular with teens, so are wall murals based on TV and movie characters. Comic book character wall murals and superhero theme wall murals are also great for teens. Literary teens love having wall murals made that reflect their favorite book characters like Harry Potter characters or Hunger Games characters. With a wall mural, teens can even get a landscape mural created that will put them in their own film backdrop that they can use to film YouTube videos or their own movies shot will their cell phone cameras.

Teaching Independent Thought

When you let your teen be involved in the creation of their own wall mural they will learn that you trust them to be more independent. They will get to work with an artist from our team that can help them choose the right theme for their wall mural. Then our artists and designers will take your teen’s ideas and use them as a basis for a unique custom wall mural that your teen will love. Of course you will get some input as well, but it’s a great idea to give your teen the chance to come up with theme ideas and colour ideas on their own so that they can start practicing some independent thought and learn some design principles that they can use later in life when they are decorating their own homes.

Our Artists Are The Best For Teen Wall Murals

The artists and designers that we hire have advanced educations in art and design and they have years of experience creating and painting custom wall murals. They can easily create a design that is scaled to fit the space that is available, which is great if your teenager has an oddly shaped room or unique elements in their room like sloped walls in an attic bedroom or cement walls in a basement bedroom. The artists on our teams will be able to blend your teen’s taste with artistic elements and exactly the right colours to make a wall mural pop in a teen’s room. Having a custom teens room wall mural created is an affordable way to give your teen the bedroom they want without having to do an expensive renovation or spend a lot of money on art.

Our artists can also create murals for teen rooms that double as other spaces. For example, if your teen’s bedroom is also the hangout room or media room where your kids and their friends gather to watch TV, stream Netflix, or watch movies our artists will create a wall mural that will blend perfectly into the room to make it conducive to watching movies or streaming videos. Or if your teen’s room doubles as the homework space or workspace a mural can be designed to inspire creative thinking and help the kids focus as well as make your space look great and be a place where the kids will want to have their friends hang out.

Call one of our customer service specialists today to get started with a custom quote for a teens room wall mural. Make sure that your teen is involved in the process so they can work with our artists and designers from the beginning to create a unique piece of hand painted art for their rooms. Together the artists and designers along with your teen and you can come up with a fabulous mural theme that your child will love. As your child starts to become more independent they will love having a grown up and sophisticated piece of art decorating their room.

And if the mural has some of your favorite influences you may even want to keep the mural on the wall after your teen moves out, or hand the room down to your next teenager to let them enjoy the custom mural that was created there.

We paint teens room murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.