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Teens Room Signs

One way to let your teens show off their personality without having them paint the walls crazy colours is to let them have custom designed teens room signs that they get to help create. That way they get to have a say in the art on their walls but you don’t have to worry about repainting the walls when they move out because they chose a horrendous paint colour. Custom teens rooms signs are a way for parents and teens to compromise on the art that goes up in a teen’s room or in a teen’s hangout room where there are a TV and video games and other entertainment. Getting custom teens room signs made also gives you the chance to let your teen develop their own artistic sense. By working with our talented design team your teen will get custom teens room signs that they will be happy to display in their room or in a hang out space.

Skilled Teens Room Sign Painters

The members of our design team are all fine artists and graphic designers. They have formal education and experience creating custom artwork in many different styles including the latest trendy teen styles. Graffiti style and street style art themes are always popular with teens. Because our designers know what’s on the cutting edge of art and social media styles they know how to create custom teens rooms signs that you will approve of and that your teens will really like. Our designers can create unique custom designs with elements that your teens want to be included in the sign like photos and lettering. They can also manipulate images to fit into any size or style of sign. So your teen can have custom signs that aren’t just made in traditional shapes.

Popular Themes

Teens are known for having very particular tastes, and their tastes can change from year to year. By using custom teens room signs as art you can easily change the signs as your teen’s tastes change. And if you decide to change the décor of the room or teen hangout space you can get new custom signs made to fit into the new décor. Some of the most popular themes for custom teens room signs are themes like:

Video Games

Teens and video games are always a popular combination. Whether you want custom teens room signs for a bedroom or a hangout space where they place video games getting custom signs featuring some of your child’s favourite video games and video game characters is a great choice. Bright and colourful unique video game based art is a great compromise between art that your teen will love and art that you won’t hate seeing on the walls. Your teen’s game characters and avatars can also be worked into the design of the sign to make the space feel even more personalized for your teen. And when your teen decides that they prefer another video game custom signs for teens room are easy to change with minimal cost and fuss.

TV and Movies

Teens are rabid fans of movies and TV shows. Many spend hours watching Netflix or streaming their favourite animated TV shows and teen theme movies. You can put custom teens room signs featuring those movies and TV shows in your teen’s bedroom or in the computer room or in the media room where your teens like to hang out as a way to give them unique art that will also reflect their interests and passions. They will love having custom signs that feature quotes from their favourite shows and movies as well as characters and meaningful other art elements from the shows and movies that they spend hours watching.


Another favourite topic for teens room signs is music. Art signs based on their favourite style of music, their favourite musicians, signs that feature lyrics and images from their favourite songs and other musical theme based custom teens room signs are very popular with teens. Custom teens room signs with musical themes are also great gifts for birthdays or holidays when you don’t know what else to get them that they will really enjoy.


Fashionistas will love having custom teen room signs all about the latest fashion in clothes, hairstyles and makeup. If you have a budding YouTube or social media fashion influencer custom teens room signs featuring their name or other elements of their personal style are the perfect backdrop for their videos and photos.

There are many ways that custom teens room signs can add style and personality to a teen’s bedroom or hangout space without looking cheap or inappropriate. Call our design team today to find out more about personalized custom made teens rooms signs that you and your teen will love.

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