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Montana Cans

By January 17, 2020No Comments

Montana Cans was founded back in 1995, the spray paint brand has been making large strides in the art scene by creating quality products. The brand’s founders and workers have a deep connection in the art world as some of them are still practising artists. Created by and used by artists, the Montana Cans brand offers a wide range vivid colours and unparalleled premium quality.

The journey for this brand started from a garage and gradually grew into a brand that can be found in 60 countries in the world. Still expanding, this company joined forces with the largest spray paint manufacturer in Europe to access large distribution channels and consistent production. In years to come, it will be an accessible brand worldwide changing how artist experience creating art.

Montana Cans specialises in spray cans but they also provide other products for artists to indulge in. They supply acrylic markers, bold markers, ink refills, racks, nozzles and other merchandise.

One of my favourites is this Montana Enamel Mug (unfortunately not available anymore). Featuring the “Rail Runner” design by German artist FORMULA 76, the white metal cup with a black logo is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The company designed it to be dishwasher safe, campfire friendly and almost unbreakable, making it ready for anything thrown at it, whether hot or cold. Moreover, it has a decent 300ml capacity.

Away from the little review, Montana Cans produces a wide variety of colours for use and they have their own colouring system. The colour matching system they use was specifically created to optimise workflow for all creatives involved whether amateur of professional. They give the artist all that they may need to make creating artwork an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Additionally, their products are created to be environmentally friendly. Because they are part of the Motip Dupli Group, they have received EN-ISO 14001 and EN-ISO 9001 certification indicating that they observe high environmental standards.

Supporting various artists’ works

There are notable artists who are fans of the brand and they have created magnificent pieces. For example, just this year, Nuno Viegas the Portuguese artist used Montana Golds to create the “Shirt Mask x King of Hearts” piece for the Nuart Festival. Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez (ZOONCHEZ) used Montana cans to create the mural “Intercultural Balance” for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst festival in Germany.

There are many more artists who have created amazing works with this brand and these can be seen on their blog. Just recently, Montana Cans introduced Swedish artist KEAR to the art community. KEAR has been turning abandoned buildings, halls of fame and trucks in New York into lively sights, all thanks to the popping Montana Black plus Montana Gold colors.

Elsewhere and just this October, Hamburg-based artist duo “LOW BROS” used several Montana Black and Montana Gold cans to transform an old-fashioned gas station into a retro-futuristic piece of artwork. What was an abandoned petrol refilling point is now a breathtaking gas station that anyone would want a photo of for their Instagram.

For a brand that has such humble beginnings, they have made quite a large stride. They continue to create innovative products for artists introducing new products regularly. They have been around for 24 years now, there are no signs of them slowing down or compromising on the quality of the product. Therefore, we cannot help but cross our fingers with anticipation to see what next the Montana Cans bring us next!

One last thing, Montana Cans appreciate a close connection with their fans, users and friends. They are always willing to share information about their products, current projects, artists they are working with and many more. To stay tuned, find them on Instagram,  Facebook, and YouTube.