MuralForm is the local leader when it comes to creating unique, interesting, and high quality murals for any business. We can create stunning interior or exterior murals that you will love. We can incorporate your own design or create a custom design for you. We paint any mural in any location meaning we can paint a massive outdoor mural if you need.

Our team at MuralForm is formed of people who have a wide range of backgrounds in fine art, design, contracting, and construction. Working together they can create a fabulous original mural for any business that will look great on any type of building. Including outood rmu

We offer a range of custom mural and sign painting services so that  you can depend on our Mississauga mural painters to deliver high quality unique art that will showcase your business in the best possible way.

Any size, any location. We are your Mississauga mural painting experts.

Our team knows that every Mississauga mural requirement is unique and deserves a unique piece of art. If you have a design in mind we can work with you to expand your ideas and use them as the basis for a piece of original art that you will be proud of. If you don’t have any idea what type of art you want for your mural our experts will ask you a few questions and work up a totally original piece of art for you.

Once you are satisfied with the design we will get to work making sure that it looks fantastic on your building. Our staff know how to take art and make it look great on any type of building or interior. Designs will be scaled to fit the space available.

Do you want to use your logo, a symbol, or another type of image that represents your business in your unique art mural? Our designers are experts at enlarging logos and other images so that they can be used in a unique mural. It doesn’t matter whether the space you want decorated with a mural is a small hallway or a huge exterior wall.

We will take the images that you want to use and make them look fantastic at any size and on any type or interior or exterior surface. Our artists can also handle complicated or ornate logos and images and make them look beautiful.

Good planning is the key to creating a fantastic mural. MuralForm staff in Mississauga will help you make sure that all the planning for your mural is done properly. They can assist you in making sure that any permits needed are secured before the work begins.

They can also help you fill out any permit applications or other paperwork that needs to be done because they are experts in getting the paperwork right. Once the permits and other paperwork are all in order they can start on the design phase and work with you to create a stunning original mural design.

Our artists understand how to use color to get the biggest emotional impact. But they also know that businesses often have particular colors that represent that business. They can use your colors and match any individual color that you want to use.

So whether you want to duplicate the color scheme that is used inside the building, or use a particular color that is used in your logo we can do it. Additionally if you need a certain set of colors to provide dramatic effect on a big outdoor mural our design staff can make it happen. We’re confident you will be pleased with the look of the finished product.

At MuralForm safety is our number one priority. When our artists are working on your mural we make sure that they have all the equipment and supplies that they need to work safely whether they are working at ground level or up high above the street. They are used to working in challenging locations.

If your business is in an area with high traffic, or the painters have to work with the ever changing Mississauga weather, they are ready to handle those challenges. We can make arrangements for them to work during off hours too in order to eliminate problems like traffic and in order to avoid disrupting your business or inconveniencing your customers.


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Murals provide much more effective advertising than vinyl signs that can billow and snap off in rough weather. Permanent murals provide a lot of advertising for one up front cost, which is more cost effective than using signs or other promotional items to advertise your business. Stop throwing money away on advertising that doesn’t work and invest in advertising that will promote your business now and in the future.

Create an Attraction

When you put a custom mural on your building that building will become a focal point for the neighborhood. Everyone will know the building with the mural. And that will provide great community engagement, especially if the mural highlights some of the great features of the neighborhood. The building mural will also get seen by anyone driving by and that will promote your business to people who may not live in the neighborhood but work or drive through the neighborhood. There’s no greater investment when it comes to advertising locally than a custom painted mural for your business.

Call us today to talk with our design staff and get an estimate for a custom Mississauga mural to promote your business and invest in the local community. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and work with you to deliver an estimate.


Our mural painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following: