Our Oakville mural painters have more than 60 years of experience between them. And they can use their education, skills, and experience to create a beautiful custom mural for your business that will really make your business stand out to customers and clients.

At MuralForm we know that creating art is a team effort. That’s why our team consists of artists, designers, contractors, and construction experts. Together they can design amazing custom art murals and them make sure that those designs are properly scaled and applied to any type of building so that the finished product looks amazing and gets the right kind of attention.

Our skilled team specializes in signs, interior murals, and outdoor mural painting ranging from small pieces to enormous building size murals that no one will miss. No matter what size mural you need for your business MuralForm’s talented design staff and our experienced application specialists can bring your custom mural to life.

Your Oakville mural painting experts – we paint your mural any size, any location.

There are a lot of elements that go into the design of a mural. If you have particular images or logos that you want incorporated into the design our staff members will make sure to include those images. But creating a cohesive design is also about filling the space available, properly scaling the images that are going into the design, choosing the right colors, and making sure that the final produce looks like it all fits together. Our design pros will work with you during each step of the design process to make sure that your input is heard on the design of the mural as it takes shape.

If there are images that you know you want to use in a custom mural our staff members are experts at enlarging images so that they are scaled to fit into a mural. We can take even a very small image and make it suitable to be included in a large mural. So if you have particular images that you want used in the mural or if you want to use your company logo or a symbol in the mural just let our design staff know and they can work that design or symbol or image into the final design of the mural.

Each individual mural project also requires unique planning. During the planning phase our team will help you make sure that any Oakville permits that are needed are applied for and received. The team will also be planning out how to implement the mural. That means they will be looking at traffic patterns on the street, when your business is the busiest and other factors so that they will be able to make a plan for putting the mural together and getting it up on the building. Good planning will make it a lot easier to get the mural up quickly and safely.

The colors that are used in the mural are very important. Somber colors like neutrals and blacks send a strong message. So do vivid bright colors that get people’s attention. The fonts used in any words in the mural matter as well. We know that color can be very important and our staff members will be happy to work with a color palette that you like and that you feel represents your business. We can also color match to get the right color for your logo or a symbol that you use to represent your business if you have a particular color that you want used in the mural.

Safety is a very high priority whenever a mural is going up. Our staff members have the talent and experience to get a mural up in a very short amount of time so that the danger is minimal. They can work around your business hours so that your customers and clients are not inconvenienced. Our staff also can work during off hours when there is less traffic if your business is in a high traffic area or on a busy street. The artists and designers on the team are also very used to working at great heights so you don’t need to worry about safety if your building is tall.


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There are a lot of benefits that come from investing in a custom mural for your business. Unique mural art on a building is a great way to make sure that the building gets noticed. People driving by, walking by and baking by will all see and remember the building with the colorful mural.

Create and Inspire

A mural inspired by something about the Oakville neighborhood like the people, the community, or some unique landmark that is found in the neighborhood will show that people who live in that community that your business supports the local community. And people who live in that neighborhood are much more likely to support a business that supports the local economy instead of going to another business that doesn’t.

From a practical standpoint an original mural, either inside or outside, is great advertising for your business. Customers and clients who are treated to an indoor mural will definitely remember your building and your business. And a large eye-catching mural on the outside of a building is a smart way to make your business stand out in the neighborhood. Forget about using vinyl banners or signs that can blow away, break, or fade. That’s wasting money. Investing in a custom mural is a smart investment for advertising your business locally.

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