If you have been thinking about getting a custom mural painted for your business now is the time to do it. Our Thornhill mural painting team has the experience and education to create a stunning custom mural that will make your business stand out.

At MuralForm we have a team of dedicated design team that has more than 60 years of combined experience creating custom interior & exterior murals and making sure they look great on any type of building. Our team has backgrounds ranging from fine art and design to building and contracting so that together they can create unique mural designs that will seamlessly fit onto any type or size of building.

When it comes to mural design in Thornhill our design team is the best that you will find. They will happily work with you to create an original mural that you will be proud to have represent your business in the local community.

We are your Thornhill mural painting company, contact us for a free consultation.

Good design is about listening to the client. Our artistic staff want to work with you to create a mural that you feel good about. If you have some ideas or elements that you want to have implemented into the mural they will work with you to create a mural that has those elements in it. If you don’t have any particular images or ideas that you want in the mural they will ask you a few questions and use your answers to create a beautiful piece of unique art for your mural. You can be as involved in the design as you want to be.

Our design team members are experts at enlarging images to make sure they fit the scale of the mural. Whether the mural is a small interior piece of art or a massive piece of art they will make sure that any images you want to use in the piece are scaled to fit the mural. If you have images that you want to use in the mural like a logo or some other kind of symbol our design team will work with you to make sure those images are used and look great in the finished mural.

Meticulous planning is one of the elements that goes into creating a successful mural. Our staff members will work closely with you throughout the planning and design phases of the mural to ensure that you are happy with how the design is progressing and that you are being kept up to date on the progress of the design. If you are planning a large outdoor mural and you need additional Thornhill permits our team can help you with permit applications and other paperwork to make sure that everything is in order when the mural is ready to go up.

At MuralForm we know that color is a big concern for many businesses. If you need to have a particular color from your logo matched we can do that. We can also make sure that any colors used to represent your business are exactly the colors that you want. Our design team will make sure that the color palette used in the mural is one that you’re happy with. We can match almost any color so you won’t have to worry about getting the color right for things that really matter like the colors associated with your business.

Safety is a high priority for everyone at MuralForm. Our experienced artists and technicians know how to paint on many different surfaces and in many different situations. We make sure that they have the best commercial grade equipment so that they are safe whether they are working on the ground or high above the ground. If your business is in a high traffic area our painters will be happy to work during off hours when the traffic is lighter. They also can adjust their work hours to make sure that none of your clients or customers are inconvenienced by the mural painting.


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Getting a custom mural painted in Thornhill is a great investment in your business. Because a mural is a permanent piece of art it is a symbol to the community that your business is going to be there for a long time. It also tells the people in the community that you’re invested in the community and you want to have strong ties to the people that live in the neighborhood.

Invest in Yourself

It’s also a great advertising investment. Instead of having to spend a lot of money replacing banners or signs every few months you can invest in a permanent piece of art that will become synonymous with your business. Except for possibly a touch up every few years there are no real costs after the initial cost of the mural and it will make your business iconic in the local area. A custom mural is a smart way to make the most of your advertising budget and invest in something that will last for a long time while making your business really stand out in the area.

A custom mural is something that everyone who walks or drives by the building will remember and that makes it one of the greatest ways that you can advertise your business.


Our mural painting team knows no bounds in terms of service region, but our local service area includes the following: