If you want to make your business stand out and get noticed in Woodbridge custom murals are a great way to do that. An original piece of mural art inside or outside will make your business the focal point of the neighborhood. And a custom mural in Woodbridge is more affordable than you might think.

At MuralForm our design team can create a custom mural for you that will advertise your business, promote good community ties, and make your building stand out. And we can work with almost any budget to make those things happen.

Our design team is made up of fine artists, painters, construction experts, and other staff members who combine their expertise to make it easy to create stunning original art for businesses in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas. Together our team has more than 60 years of collective experience at making unique art that will fit any size building.

MuralForm – your Woodbridge mural painting company.

There are many factors that our design team takes into account when creating an original mural design. The business, the size of the space where the mural will be painted, and the unique ideas from business owners are all elements that go into the final finished design. If you have ideas for what you want to include in the mural our designers and artists will work closely with you to make sure that your ideas are reflected in the final design. And if you don’t have any particular designs and just want to let our artists create a unique piece of art for you they can do that too.

If there are certain images or pieces of art that you want to be included in the mural, like a corporate logo or photos we can enlarge and scale those images so that they fit seamlessly into the mural. Even a tiny logo can be scaled and enlarged by our team so that it looks great blown up to the size it needs to be in order to fit onto the side of a building. We can enlarge almost any image and make sure it looks great in a mural.

During the important planning phase of mural design our design team will work with you to be sure that your design ideas are heard and any concerns that you have are addressed. Painting of the mural won’t happen until you are happy with the design. During the planning phase our team will also help obtain any necessary Woodbridge permits and conduct studies to figure out the best time to complete the painting of the mural. The team will study traffic patterns and customer or client traffic so that they can find a time to do the work when they will be safe and your customers or clients won’t be inconvenienced.

Colors are an important part of brand identity. We understand that. And we want you to be happy with the colors used in your mural. Our technicians can match your corporate colors to make sure that they are used prominently in the mural if that is what you want. Our artists can also design murals in color palettes that work with your business’s colors and make those colors stand out to the people who walk and drive by the mural each day. They will remember your corporate colors and your business thanks to the mural.

Safety is our highest priority. During the construction phase of the mural our staff members will be happy to work on the mural at a time that doesn’t inconvenience your customers or clients. They also will do the work during low traffic times to make sure they aren’t causing a traffic snarl. Working on some building may require special equipment but if a job requires equipment that we don’t have we will get it and make sure our people know how to safely use it before starting the construction of the mural.


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There are many benefits to having a custom mural created for your business. Mural art is a great way to give back to the community, and when you invest in the community the community will be much more likely to support your business. Getting the local community to support your business is critically important to having a successful Woodbridge business and putting up a mural is one way to do that.

Stand Out, Be Found, Be Remembered

A mural also makes your business stand out in a way that no other type of advertising can. Vinyl banners and signs just don’t grab people’s attention the way that a colorful mural does. An original mural is something that is ingrained in the memory of everyone who walks, cycles or drives by it. And when they remember that mural they will remember your business. The cost of a custom mural is a small price to pay for that kind of brand and business recognition.

If you want people to really see your business in Woodbridge a custom mural is the best way to achieve that. Over time it will save you money in advertising and it will help build a strong base of support in the local community.


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